2022 Q3 Updates

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How your feedback is shaping our future

Last month, we shared the two key themes that we identified from your feedback in our customer pulse survey:

Continue: The customer focus & partnership that we deliver Prioritize: How we handle your requests

This month, we are excited to share the actions we’ll take throughout the remainder of the year to prioritize the way we handle your requests:

- Measuring time to resolve - We have introduced a project focused on understanding the time it takes to resolve your requests. We will be setting target resolution times (aka Operational Level Agreements) based on the type of request you have, measuring the performance of each request, and identifying ways to improve resolution times as needed. - Increasing your visibility of requests through ePlan Workspace - Our new request portal in ePlan will bring additional visibility into your requests. Not only will you be able to see all your open requests in one area, but also the current status, when your request was last modified, and the expected resolution time. You will also be able to communicate directly with the team working your request from ePlan, without having to send an email. - Improving time to reply by utilizing Fleet Team Care – This team is designed to provide same day replies to your requests when utilizing the dedicated phone number or email address. They are committed to achieving a high percentage of first contact resolution, with an average rate of 63.7% year to date. For requests that cannot be resolved first contact, the team ensures all necessary information is provided and sends it to a specialty team, within the same day of receiving. - Optimizing our request management teams – We are introducing a project focused on optimizing our request management process across all teams. The goal for the teams will be a faster, more focused resolution and to establish a single point of contact that will maintain a high level of communication until your request is resolved.

Reintroducing Fleet Team Care

Fleet Team Care, launched last year, was designed to assist fleet managers with their day-to-day requests. Since then, the team has continued to grow and improve the service they provide.

Check out some of the benefits of utilizing this team:

We encourage you to utilize this team and see the impact it can have! Call us at 866.344.6514 Email us at

A client exceeds safety goals using telematics

Challenge A LeasePlan client with a US fleet size of over 1,000 vehicles wanted to improve their safety program by reducing driver incidents using trend analysis. With a goal to coach drivers to improve safety records and minimize unsafe driving habits – including hard acceleration, harsh braking, and speeding – the program was equipped with tools to monitor driver behavior.

Solution After analyzing the challenges the client was experiencing, LeasePlan provided solutions to help reduce the costs and risks associated with unsafe driving, using telematics data to identify drivers who pose the greatest risk.

LeasePlan conducted Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) checks one to two times per year, or on-demand if requested. Drivers’ licenses were continuously monitored for status or moving violation changes and results were made available to the client immediately – ensuring they knew when changes to individual driving records occurred.

The client also utilized LeasePlan’s proprietary technology, OneScore, to help support the safety program by ranking drivers by their behaviors to reduce risk and encourage safety across the fleet. OneScore measures safety, efficiency, and compliance, assigning each driver a score, displayed in a driver scorecard dashboard. OneScore provided the client with real-time telematics data and driver behavior insights to identify risky drivers and assign targeted training lessons based on those behaviors.

In addition, LeasePlan created over 40 unique reports to monitor and improve driver behavior and the client created a safety team with 8 safety managers. The safety team used the telematics data to proactively manage their drivers and identify how the drivers could improve their overall safety records. The safety team also reviewed and investigated every incident – coaching drivers to help them reach the highest level of safety in their operationally efficient fleet.

Results Since implementing LeasePlan’s telematics tools and using a proactive approach, the client has seen an 11% reduction in collisions, a 32% reduction in the number of preventable incidents, and a 55% decline in the number of injuries from incidents. Since the introduction of telematics, total losses have decreased by almost 43%. Additionally, the latest data from the first half of 2022 shows the number of collisions has reduced from 56 to 14, generating a savings of $112,832 in incident costs, when compared to data from the first half of 2021.

In addition, hard acceleration events have consistently decreased year over year while harsh braking has dramatically been reduced by 60%. The client consistently has less incidents per million miles than any other LeasePlan client.

Not only has this client found great value and success utilizing telematics to enhance their safety program, but the telematics data has also provided significant support in their sustainability goals by providing insight into the daily mileage patterns of their drivers. This data, which is heavily relied on globally because the United States has the largest fleet size for this client, allows them to identify which drivers would be considered EV-ready when they electrify their fleet.

LeasePlan is a strategic partner for us, helping support our business by providing meaningful and actionable data. Safety is our number one focus, and the telematics data is integral to our safety operational procedures. The data provided by the interactive dashboards and telematics have been crucial for reporting the progress of our sustainable goals and has enabled our business to report on our ability to drive down our CO2 footprint in the US.

Fleet Manager

LeasePlan USA is continuing to prepare for our upcoming change in ownership

It’s been over two months since LeasePlan Corporation announced that LeasePlan USA would be acquired. Through this acquisition, our new lead investor will be a company called Athene, who is also the lead investor of Wheels-Donlen. We are very pleased that our new shareholders view us as a long-term investment.

We wanted to give you a brief update on what’s happening at LeasePlan USA today, as we continue preparing for our upcoming change in ownership...

In summary, we are very excited about this next chapter in the story of LeasePlan USA. Rest assured that we remain focused on supporting your business and providing the best customer service and support for your drivers and fleet.

Thank you for partnering with us. We look forward to continuing to support your business!

Your feedback is helping to shape our future

Thank you to everyone who participated in our customer pulse survey this month! We achieved a strong response rate – hearing from more than 100 of you - an increase of 15% from our response rate on last year’s pulse survey!

We are reviewing all the feedback and have identified 11 key themes from the 200+ comments you provided. There are 2 themes that stood out with the most comments:

Additionally, this was our first year including drivers in the pulse survey, and we were happy to hear from over 2,000! Drivers rated us on their likelihood to recommend LeasePlan, as well as their satisfaction across 12 of our key services. We were very pleased to exceed the benchmark likelihood recommend score and receive some great insight into the services we provide! If you are interested in seeing your drivers’ specific results – reach out to us at

We are continuing to review all the results with a cross functional team and create our focus plans. We’ll be excited to share the actions we are taking throughout the rest of the year based on your feedback!

Introducing LeasePlan’s new Client Experience Partner role

We’re excited to announce a new role within our team – the Client Experience Partner. This role is designed to provide you with proactive communication and performance reporting so we can help you optimize your fleet and improve your day-to-day operations. We've onboarded some incredibly talented experts to serve you in this way!

Our commitment to you:

Coming soon – Monthly Fleet Review

Coming soon, we’ll begin our Monthly Fleet Reviews. The objective of these meetings is to partner with you to provide consistent, proactive, and data-driven communications on your fleet’s performance – including service delivery and environmental factors that could be affecting your fleet.

What to expect in your Monthly Fleet Review:

We look forward to introducing you to the Monthly Fleet Review!

Take a look at our recent L&T improvements

L&T Communications – paper to digital!

LeasePlan’s new digital L&T communications are live

In an effort to increase on-time Renewals, we have created new intelligent communications that allow us to partner more proactively.

Your drivers will now receive all important L&T information via email instead of mail – so be sure to remind them to check their inboxes for action items.

What are the benefits of the new digital communications?

L&T Renewals – new year-to-date record!

In June, we hit a year-to-date record for on-time renewals! We’re very proud of this accomplishment, especially during one of the highest volume months.

Increase your on-time renewals by:

Athene is the Lead Investor in the Combination of LeasePlan USA with Wheels Donlen

This combination creates a strong competitor in mobility, which will allow Wheels Donlen and LeasePlan USA to provide enhanced solutions to corporate fleets. Benefitting from added scale, materially increased investment capacity, and differentiated capabilities, the combined company will be better positioned to service customers and facilitate growing trends towards electric vehicles and digital technologies.

The advantages of the combined company and Athene ownership:

If you have any questions or concerns about what this means for your fleet, please reach out to your Customer Experience representative.

Published at July 2, 2022
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July 2, 2022
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