2022 Q2 Updates

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We're improving our L&T processes!

L&T Communications - paper to digital!

Next month, LeasePlan is implementing exciting technical improvements to our L&T process in an effort to increase on-time Renewals.  

These improvements include new intelligent communications that allow us to: 

  • send drivers timely updates based on state requirements and deadlines  
  • better track engagement to ensure we reach drivers 
  • follow up on delays quickly and efficiently  
  • increase the likelihood that Renewals are completed on time 
  • going forward, drivers will now receive all important L&T information digitally via email instead of via mail.  

To ensure we can successfully communicate time- sensitive reminders to your drivers, please review and update all driver email addresses in ePlan. Keep in mind that these email addresses must be tied to a single driver and cannot be tied to a group mailbox.

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L&T Renewals - even in the shop!

Last month, we integrated a new L&T process improvement that allows us to proceed with the Renewal requests when a vehicle is within 90 days of expiration while in the shop.  

This is a huge time saver for drivers. In the first month of having this improvement in place, we were able to successfully move 439 vehicles through this process! That means:   

  • 439 drivers did not have to email or mail in their requested state inspections  
  • 439 vehicles that did not require a 2nd or 3rd letter or email to be sent out reminding drivers to have inspections done   
  • 439 vehicles with on-time Renewals even while they were in the shop

We look forward to bringing you more enhancements throughout 2022!

Access our new ePlan feature: Toll Management

If you are enrolled in Toll Management services, you can use the new Toll Management Tab to create a Driver Authorization Letter, or access details like enrollment date, transponder details, tracking number, and more!

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Accident Management & Repair trends for Q2

Are you aware of the Accident Management and Repair trends that may impact your fleet? We’re breaking down some of the need-to-know areas and what you can expect to see in Q2 of this year.

Accident Management Trends

  • Claim volumes are returning to pre-pandemic numbers
  • In 2021, claim volumes increased by 10% after decreasing 20% in 2020
  • Average collision repair costs increased by approximately 8% YOY in 2021, which was the largest YOY increase in 10+ years
  • As remote work options continue, roads are less congested and people are traveling at higher rates of speed, creating more severe losses
  • New vehicle shortages continue, causing more vehicle repairs

Repair Costs and Trends

  • Prices of parts have increased by 8% as raw materials and shipping costs have increased along with higher labor for manufacturing
  • As safety systems in vehicles become more advanced, more parts, labor hours, recalibration costs, and charges are involved
  • In Q4 2021, the average national scheduling time at shops was 3.4 weeks compared to 1.7 weeks in Q4 pre-pandemic
  • Securing collision repair parts is taking on average approximately 15-30 days longer than pre-pandemic
  • Technician shortage is an ongoing issue in the industry that has only increased during the pandemic
  • EV repairs remain a small percentage – 0.6% of written estimates in 2021
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Considering going electric?

LeasePlan's product team took an EV road trip to NAFA

  • Kris Bush, John Ciarlone and James Brand kicked off their EV road trip to NAFA Fleet Management Association Institute & Expo 2022. Kris took his Ford Mustang Mach-E, while John and James rode in the LeasePlan outfitted Tesla Model 3. Follow their journey in these 3 videos!
  • First leg of the trip: Kris, John and James set out on the road to NAFA Fleet Management Association I&E 2022 in Cincinnati, Ohio from the LeasePlan USA HQ in Alpharetta, Georgia in high spirits. Both the Mustang Mach-E and Model 3 were indicating plenty of range to the first charging point. Watch the video
  • Second leg of the trip: John and James made it to the first charging point with 18% battery remaining, better than the projected 10% at the beginning of the trip! This is a great example of how the type and style of driving in an electric vehicle can affect your range - nice and easy on the gas pedal! This also has a knock-on positive effect on your OneScore! Watch the video
  • Last leg of the trip: A successful trip! Despite some challenges finding accessible charging stations for the Mustang Mach-E, both vehicles made it to the overnight stop with plenty of time to spare. Watch the video
Published at April 2, 2022
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April 2, 2022
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