2022 Q2 Updates

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We're improving our L&T processes!

L&T Communications - paper to digital!

Next month, LeasePlan is implementing exciting technical improvements to our L&T process in an effort to increase on-time Renewals.

These improvements include new intelligent communications that allow us to:

To ensure we can successfully communicate time- sensitive reminders to your drivers, please review and update all driver email addresses in ePlan. Keep in mind that these email addresses must be tied to a single driver and cannot be tied to a group mailbox.

L&T Renewals - even in the shop!

Last month, we integrated a new L&T process improvement that allows us to proceed with the Renewal requests when a vehicle is within 90 days of expiration while in the shop.

This is a huge time saver for drivers. In the first month of having this improvement in place, we were able to successfully move 439 vehicles through this process! That means:

We look forward to bringing you more enhancements throughout 2022!

Access our new ePlan feature: Toll Management

If you are enrolled in Toll Management services, you can use the new Toll Management Tab to create a Driver Authorization Letter, or access details like enrollment date, transponder details, tracking number, and more!

Accident Management & Repair trends for Q2

Are you aware of the Accident Management and Repair trends that may impact your fleet? We’re breaking down some of the need-to-know areas and what you can expect to see in Q2 of this year.

Accident Management Trends

Repair Costs and Trends

Considering going electric?

LeasePlan's product team took an EV road trip to NAFA

Published at April 2, 2022
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April 2, 2022
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