Resources to keep you on the road

The rapidly evolving COVID-19 situation has brought about new challenges for you as a fleet driver. LeasePlan is here for you, especially in times of crisis.

Like you, we are closely monitoring the situation on all fronts – all day, every day. Always adhere to the local, state and federal guidelines as well as your company's policies. We are committed to providing you with critical resources to help keep you productive and healthy.

Monitoring vehicle management services

We are working hard both internally and with our network of suppliers to ensure that we can continue to provide the best service possible to our customers and drivers.

Oil changes and new tires

While many of our partners are still in full operation, some have opted to shorten their store hours – opening later and closing earlier than normal – or to close specific locations. Before heading out, it's a good idea to call the store to ensure the service can be completed.

Adjusted maintenance provider store hours

Staying safe while driving

Cleaning the surfaces with which you come into contact with regularly is a key procedure for preventing the spread of COVID-19 – this includes your vehicle. Wipe surfaces down with vehicle-specific cleaning solutions – always check to make sure the product you are using will not damage your vehicle's interior.

Disinfect these frequently touched surfaces regularly:

Try to limit the items you bring in and out of your vehicle when possible to avoid carrying germs into your vehicle. Wash your hands regularly, following CDC guidelines, and wear gloves when possible. This is especially important whenever you handle items like credit cards, corporate fuel cards, and especially the fuel pump.

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What to do after an accident

Do not physically exchange insurance cards or any type of identification card. Instead, share any needed insurance and license information verbally or electronically, using smart phone apps, email or messaging.

You can also take photos of the required identification cards and send them to the other person, making sure to stay six feet apart at all times.

If your vehicle is non-operational after the collision, don't hitch a ride with the tow truck operator, as it's unlikely you'll be six feet apart inside the truck cab. Instead arrange for your own transportation wherever possible.

Fixing my fleet vehicle after an accident

Currently, collision repair shops are operating normally and are classified as essential services in all states. If your vehicle is damaged and you need assistance, you can get in touch with our Customer Contact Center by calling 800-323-6644.

Our Emergency Roadside Service also continues to be available every day, all day.

Getting a rental vehicle

Rental vehicles will only be available from select neighborhood locations and major airport locations. Due to the reduced number of locations, not all vehicle types may be available.

Contact LeasePlan if you need a rental vehicle for your fleet program, and we will work with you to locate your best option.

Ordering my new fleet vehicle

We expect dealerships to close or shorten their hours. Therefore, we highly advise you to schedule an appointment before stopping by a dealership.

Renewing my fleet vehicle's registration

Shutdowns at the state and county level have impacted title and licensing work.

To assist, we have compiled all available information from each state's Department of Motor Vehicles, including hours of operation, registration renewal grace periods, and expected re-open dates.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) status by state