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Notes from the Road: the new MyLeasePlan app

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As a driver of a company car, I’ve been using the MyLeasePlan app for a little over a year. I do a lot of driving, so having everything in front of me on my phone – which is glued to my hand 24/7 anyway – is so helpful.
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The new MyLeasePlan App

Elle became a travel companion on longer journeys, the dashboard was easy to navigate, and the app kept me organized, with reminders and giving me the ability to keep everything in one place.

When the app was upgraded to include new functionalities, I was eager to try them out. What could it introduce that would keep me on my game on the road and continue to organize me, keep my car in great shape and make me the best version of myself?

So, what’s changed?

As someone who is strongly in favor of anything that makes my job easier and my driving safer, I saw the difference in the two versions of the app straight away. I want to walk you through my top five favorite improvements here.

1. Shiny new things

First of all, the My Car tab has been a lifesaver when I’m on the go. It stores everything related to my vehicle in one place, so I’m able to access my registration and insurance documents along with a host of other information. It also uses automatic calculations to log my personal miles, making something that was a tedious process previously, easier and more efficient.

The Glovebox tab holds important documents that would otherwise be scattered between my wallet, the glove compartment and my laptop bag. I like knowing these are stored and can be easily retrieved if I need them, or if I need to get something across to my fleet manager.

2. Instant registration renewals

Hands down, this is one of my favorite improvements. Renewing registrations is nobody’s favorite job, so having the ability to manage the process within the app is a huge time saver and ensures it’s always done in a timely fashion. Closing the loop on registrations has been especially challenging during the pandemic, so removing an entire step from the process and submitting it to LeasePlan directly is a game-changer.

3. Elle: more than just a travel companion

I can’t forget to mention Elle, who I joke is someone to talk to in the car (not while driving of course). More than just a friendly voice, Elle provides quick and easy access to important information about my company’s fleet policy, registration and the entire fleet. It’s useful to have hands-free access to a ‘virtual assistant’ who helps me manage the details while I’m between meetings with a million things on my mind.

4. You won't get caught short

If you ever find yourself caught out with a flat tire or other mechanical issue, the app has an answer for that, too. Simply head to the My Vehicle section to be directed to websites and contact details for in-network centers, including Goodyear, Firestone and Tire Kingdom. The user-interface has been upgraded here, and it shows.

The app will request permission to use your location and provide conveniently located fuel and for those using electric vehicles, EV charge stations, helping you plan and manage your journey better.

5. Things I didn't even realize I needed

Safety is always the highest priority when you’re spending a lot of time on the road. Staying on top of open recalls is important but can slip through the cracks when people are busy focusing on other aspects of work. I know I can be guilty of this. Around 25% of vehicles in the average fleet have an open safety recall, which means that managing recalls is a large part of any fleet manager’s job.

Enter the MyLeasePlan app with its Recall Management capability. This function gives me the ability to upload proof of repair after having something rectified at the dealership, leaving me with peace of mind that my car is safe to drive, with the added bonus of taking one vehicle off my fleet manager’s to-do list. Let’s just say that my track record with paperwork has really improved as life has gone digital.

I have loved using the MyLeasePlan app. It takes care of every detail of driving a company car with none of the hassle. But don’t take my word for it, try the app for yourself today!

Download via the iOS App Store, Google Play, or request a demo here.

About the author

Kristofer Bush

Kristofer Bush serves as vice president, product management for LeasePlan USA and has been with the organization for more than 20 years. This role works between the clients, product owners, business owners, and development teams to ensure LeasePlan is delivering value-driven products and services. His team is responsible for the management of current products such as Safety and Connected Vehicles, as well as new products. His team is also responsible for managing digital client applications such as the MyLeasePlan driver app which was recently re-imagined and released to LeasePlan drivers. Kris is a long-time member of several industry organizations and currently serves as the head of the Membership Task Force for AFLA.

Published at March 23, 2021
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March 23, 2021
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