LeasePlan Improves the Driver Experience with New App

March 16, 2021

LeasePlan USA has launched the new version of MyLeasePlan, its mobile app for drivers. With a completely redesigned user interface built on a new, more flexible platform, the app empowers drivers to be more productive, freeing up time spent managing tasks and vehicle-related deadlines.

The new-and-improved MyLeasePlan makes it easier than ever for drivers to succeed on the road. Drivers now have one place that digitally stores necessary documents, provides important updates, and helps the resolve unexpected issues right from where they are. From simple mileage reporting, timely vehicle order status updates and streamlined vehicle maintenance to open recall notifications and in-app registration renewal, everything a driver needs can be accessed in the 24/7 self-service platform.

"At LeasePlan, we strive to continually develop and adapt quickly to provide digital solutions for customer needs before they arise. This app is a major step forward in our initiatives to further improve our customer-facing portals," says Felipe Smolka, executive vice president of transformation. "Our beta testers are thrilled with the new notifications and communications that help them stay informed and close the loop on essential tasks."

"Research tells us our drivers are busy focusing on the job at hand. When it comes to managing their company cars, time is money," says Alison Kirkland, LeasePlan's digital product manager. "They want clear instructions on how to complete action items, along with the digital technology that empowers them to do so without having to call for help. The app gives them just that."

MyLeasePlan is available on iOS and Android devices. The new version of the app is now available in the App Store and Google Play Store.