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Is a Sale-Leaseback Right for Your Business?

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Does your business own its fleet of equipment? Could the equity you have in that equipment serve your business better elsewhere?
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It’s possible for you to gain access to that equity while keeping your equipment.

It’s called a sale-leaseback agreement, and essentially, it means that we buy your equipment and you sign a lease agreement with us so you can keep using the same equipment while receiving an instant infusion of cash that can be invested in any way you choose.

Whether you have grand plans for growth and acquisition, need to stock up on inventory, or you’ve got expensive debts that need to be paid, a sale-leaseback agreement may be able to give your business the capital it needs to thrive.

Your Equipment's Value is High Right Now

Now is a great time to consider a sale-leaseback to free up the cash you have invested in your assets.

You’ve probably seen that car prices, both new and used, have risen due to shortages wrought by the pandemic. The same is true of equipment, regardless of which type of equipment you own. Shortages mean increased value, and more value means that you have more equity in your assets and more cash in your pocket if you decide a sale-leaseback is right for you.

Don’t Let the Tax Issues Hold You Back

Some may find themselves hesitant to pursue a sale-leaseback due to the perceived complexity of tax impacts and financial reporting requirements. We’ll help you navigate the muddy waters of sale-leaseback accounting and tax obligations.

The taxability of lease payments from a leaseback contract is dependent on whether state sales tax has already been paid on the asset. If you have already paid sales tax on the assets, then generally, the payments are not taxable.

Most US companies have or will soon adopt the new GAAP accounting rules for reporting leases. The new rules (ASC 842) have made the traditional accounting treatment of a sale-leaseback harder to achieve in some cases; however, depending on the asset and remaining useful life, LeasePlan may be able to help you achieve sale-leaseback treatment. It is important to note that even if you determine your unique situation is not eligible for sale-leaseback treatment for GAAP reporting purposes, LeasePlan can still buy your assets and lease them back to you under a financing lease arrangement.

Why Choose LeasePlan

LeasePlan makes sale-leasebacks as lucrative and simple as possible for you. The process starts with a full market analysis of your assets by our truck and equipment specialists to provide you with the most cash on sale.

Then, we manage the entire administration process, including re-registering vehicles in all 50 states, providing a seamless integration into your fleet operations with no disruptions to your drivers and employees.

LeasePlan offers flexible and tailored lease solutions designed specifically for your assets and your financial objectives. Contact us today to see if we can help you gain access to your fleet’s equity.

Published at October 5, 2021
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October 5, 2021
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