Best electric vehicle

Advantages of leasing an electric car

  • Cheap in operation - electricity is a cheap resource.
  • Environmentally friendly - less environmental impact compared to other engine alternatives.
  • Less maintenance - electric cars have about 30% fewer car parts than an combustion engine, which requires less maintenance.

The development of electric cars in recent years has been explosive. There are many reasons why companies should choose an electric car as a leasing car. One is that it clearly signals that you care about and protect the environment.

What many people do not know is the history of the electric car. As early as the end of the 19th century, Ferdinand Porsche created the first car. The success was a fact and by 1915 the majority of all cars were electric cars. Thereafter, the internal combustion engine was developed, which meant that the electric motor was deselected for many decades until oil prices rose.

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Advantages with and electric vehicle

Here are other benefits of choosing an electric car as a company car:

Engine power - electric motors have a higher efficiency than combustion engines. Combine this with light weighted material choices and an even torque and you get an electric car that is alert with the possibility of really fast acceleration.

Sound - electric cars sound very little. They even make so little noise that a sound is activated at low speeds to alert pedestrians and cyclists that the car is coming.

Better driving characteristics - the heavy battery is mounted in the base plate, which makes tough curves, that used to be a problem, easier for the driver to handle.


Disadvantages with an electric car

Range - the batteries are still under development and are improving with each passing year. At present, you can buy an electric car where you get between around 200 to 600 kilometers per charge.

Limited possibility for fast charging - fast charging stations or charging posts are still under construction and the charging station network is limited. However, new charging stations are being built all the time and the places they are built on are everything from petrol stations, parking garages and parking lots on the street.

Price - the price is currently higher than fossil-powered cars. If you buy an electric car, you get a premium green car with low operating costs.