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Smart and good-looking, there’s a reason why this reliable, Japanese brand remains unswervingly popular. Toyota clocks a reassuringly low number of garage hours. Plus, the affordable lease prices make these full-featured vehicles the smart choice. From SUV to city car, you’re sure to find the right model among Toyota's wide range.

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Toyota — weaving innovation around the world

The story of Toyota threads back to the textile industry and Sakichi Toyota’s wooden hand loom patented in 1891. Then only twenty-four years old, the Japanese inventor and entrepreneur would go on to found Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, Ltd, and eventually establish the Toyota Motor Company as a division in 1933. The automotive spin-off expanded rapidly, exporting cars throughout the 60s and 70s. Toyota Motors continued to innovate and grow, introducing the luxury Lexus in 1989, and the first mass-produced hybrid-powered vehicle in the world, Prius, in 1997. Although best known today for its cars, the Toyota Group still makes and sells automatic looms and electric sewing machines worldwide.


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