Flexible short term vehicle rental solutions

This is FlexiPlan

If your business is dynamic and in need for a car quickly or for a short time ahead, then FlexiPlan is the solution for you.

FlexiPlan is a full-service lease for needs between 2-24 months without a commitment period.

Business lease

Whether you are a freelancer, medium-sized company or a multinational with a large fleet, business lease is a cost-effective and hassle-free way to keep your business on the move in a brand new car of your choice.

The Flexi-Package

  • Flexible term without extra charge
  • Different vehicle classes to choose from
  • Rental period 2 to 24 months without obligation
  • No vehicle exchange necessary during the term
  • Fuelcard and parking management included
  • 4x4, towbar with no extra charge*

*Equipment may vary between car models.

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