How do you reduce the emissions from your fleet?

The future is here

Take the step towards an emission-free car fleet

Electric driving is easier than ever. The cars are quieter, easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly. At LeasePlan you will always find an electric car that suits your needs.

We offer a complete end-to-end solution for your electric cars. In addition to the cars, we also offer charging solutions both for your home, the office and public charging stations. Chargers can be included in the lease agreement. We will also take care of the billing of the charging costs

7 reasons to go electric with LeasePlan


    Increased pressure on companies to reduce their emissions both from customers and authorities

    Business continuity

    Low emission zones and sustainability requirements from customers mean that the need for a climate-smart car fleet increases


    The electric car's range is constantly increasing. This makes it easier to use electric cars in the service and for longer journeys


    Electric vehicles are becoming more avalible, making it easy to find the right electric car for your needs


    Costs are comparable to with traditional fuel cars

    Driver satisfaction

    Drivers of electric cars are more satisfied


    Drivers pay less tax

Everything is included in the lease fee

Choose LeasePlan's comprehensive electric car solution - For a simple and cheap fleet management

Below you can read more about the benefits of leasing your electric cars at LeasePlan

Car & Service

LeasePlan offers you a hassle-free electric car driving.

We help you find the right car model and guarantees the residual value.

In addition, we ensure that the cars get the right service at the best possible price thanks to our widespread supplier network.

Charging station can be included in the lease fee

When you lease an electric car from LeasePlan, the charging station and any accessories can be included in the lease fee.

The charging station is connected to a web service that lets you see the current status and charging history for all your cars and charging stations.

Home charging is included in the drivers benefit and the driver will therefore be compensated for the electricity when the car is loaded at home. In addition, we offer a reporting function to ensure correct benefit taxation.

The charging equipment comes with a 2 year warranty, which can be extended for a fee. A 24 hour remote service is also included with access to an authorized service network.

Reports & Support

Besides the car and the charger, LeasePlan offers a full-scale range of reports including mileage reports and benefit value calculations.

Our support is always available to help you. Everything to make your electric car driving as easy and hassle-free as possible

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