Lynk & Co 01

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5 800 kr
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36 months
15 000 km

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About this car

Med 01 är allt fantastiskt standard. Du får en bil med roliga funktioner, högteknologiska detaljer och en räckvidd på 69 km med ren eldrift med laddhybridmotorn.

Ladda din 01 när du sover, precis som din mobil. En full laddning tar omkring 2,5 till 4,5 timmar beroende på laddningsstation. 01:an har också regenerativ laddning av batterierna när du bromsar eller åker ned för backar.

What's included in the price?

Lynk & Co 01

LeasePlan answers your questions

How does the application process work? You can easily and quickly order you car online and we will contact you within 2 working days.What should I think about when choosing my mileage? When you request your car, you clearly indicate the annual mileage and the duration of your leasing period. If during the contract, we notice an additional kilometer deviation, we can of course advise you.What is allowed and what is not allowed with the car? We are not difficult. But there are certain rules to follow. Thus, only people with a valid driving licence can take a seat behind the wheel. We also expect you to comply with the traffic regulation and maintain the car properly. You will find a complete list of authorised and prohibited things with your in the conditions of your leasing contract.

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