Benefits of salary sacrifice car

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Leasing makes it easy to relax and enjoy driving. It’s a smoother car experience with less trouble for you who’d like to drive a new car to a fixed monthly cost. LeasePlan offers comfort, predictability and vehicles with great quality and good prices. With over 50 year experience in 32 countries LeasePlan is here to help you reach your car dream destination.

**Forget the struggles of car ownership ** A salary sacrifice car is a great option for you who’re planning to purchase a new car and would like to avoid unnecessary risks. You won’t have to worry about the car market and how it might reduce the value of the car and financially you won’t have to take a car loan and there’s no down payments to lease a car.

You will be the driver and your employer will lease the car. LeasePlan will be the registered owner. Payment is made with net- and gross salary deductions for a 36 months leasing contract.

What is a Salary Sacrifice car? Salary sacrifice cars is a benefit that the employer can offer its employees. The employer leases the car and you are the driver. Payment is made with salary deductions. The deductions are determined based on the car model, equipment, contract length, budgeted mileage and the cars benefit value.

Salary Sacrifice car for me as an employee It’s a car used privately that is fully paid for by you through ongoing salary deductions throughout the time of the agreement. You will get a net salary deductions (equivalent of the benefit value of the car) and the remaining car cost will be paid through gross salary deduction. There’s tax benefits for driving 100 business miles a year, which means that we can remove tax from the salary deductions.

Contact your employer to check if they offer salary sacrifice cars.

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