Optimal fleet efficiency

Optimal fleet efficiency

There are a lot of factors that can influence your fleet and the cost of your fleet. Your business is fluctuating and growing, so cost efficiency is important in order to be able to budget properly. Having the right vehicle for the right job is also crucial to minimize risk and increase usability of your fleet. A proper and up-to-date car policy is also key for an efficient fleet. At LeasePlan, we have a team with experts who are here to advise you on all the aspects of your fleet, so you can decide what’s next for your fleet management.

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Insights and advice to keep your fleet strategy on track

Managing a fleet of company vehicles is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Our Consultancy Services help you to manage your fleet efficiently with expert advice enabling to reduce your daily workload and costs. Our experts will provide you with support on:

  • Defining your fleet strategy: whether you want to reduce cost, increase driver safety or satisfaction and/or reduce your company’s CO2 emissions, LeasePlan will help define your strategy looking at your business and set the right fleet objectives.
  • Optimising your fleet cost: thanks to our analysis and fleet insights, we provide you transparency and make sure you can budget properly.
  • Optimise your vehicles: We advise you on selecting the right vehicle for the right job, so that is really fit for purpose and your fleet is more cost-efficient.
  • Optimising your processes: we analyse your daily fleet management processes so that your daily operations run smoothly and more cost-effectively.
  • Mobility budget: we advise and support you in implementation of mobility budgets and even advise in salary sacrifice programmes if required.

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Tesco HungaryLeasePlan saved us 3 weeks of internal resources needed for analytical and planning activities due to analysis and consultancy services.

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