It’s winter tyre time again!

We may be still thinking about the long summer days, but it’s already time to talk about winter tyres.

October 17, 2019

Each season comes with its own challenges, and we need to adapt and follow the rules that are meant to protect us if we want to be safe when driving.

Unfortunately, the first snow is the usual reminder for drivers to change their tyres, though the recommended time for change by tyre manufacturers is as soon as temperatures drop below 7 degrees Celsius. What happens then is that summer tyres actually “freeze”. The rubber in the tyre becomes rigid, which lowers traction, increases braking distance, and causes sliding. Lack of traction and less brake efficiency impair road safety and may cause accidents (traffic collisions, slides across lanes or off the road, etc.).


Winter tyres have three times more grooves for enhanced traction on snow-covered roads. The tread and grooves of winter tyres are meant to cover the tyre with snow for increased traction, since “snow sticks to snow”. Winter tyres also have wide tread areas, for better traction on icy roads.


All vehicles managed by LeasePlan Romania should be scheduled for tyre change during the month of October. This year, winter tyres will be fitted no later than 4 November 2016. LeasePlan’s fleet services also provide for tyre management (subject to the specific provisions in each lease agreement) including:

Follow the directions in the e-mail received from LeasePlan or contact the fleet manager for the seasonal change booking. Don't forget: as weather conditions worsen, crowding at tyres centres will increase. Make your appointment early! CallCenter LeasePlan 021 4072131

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