How can you safely buy an used car?

Mileage, service history or seniority? What do you need to check when buying an used car?

April 23, 2019

The second-hand car market is very well developed in Romania. Last year, almost 500,000 vehicles were registered. The "explosion" of SH imports was helped by the suspension in 2017 of the environmental tax. Since then, vehicles with considerable seniority can be imported without any restrictions. That's how the national fleet now has a total of 6, 4 million cars, more than 3 million cars older than 15 years old! In other words, about 4 out of 10 cars have the right age for scrapping in a developed country! If many individuals who bring such cars from abroad do their business well, the same can not be said about customers who buy, often without knowing, cars with hidden vices. They have to spend important amounts after having "made a deal" by buying a car in Germany, "at a good price." Such incidents ruin the budget of those who have bought them from unsafe sources but also pose a serious threat to road and environmental safety because a very used vehicle can have the affected braking system and, most of the time, pollute beyond the limit imposed by legislation.

What traps can we avoid?

The most important aspect taken into account by used car buyers is the number of kilometers traveled. Also aware of it are those who import cheap cars from their original market. In Romania, used second-hand cars often receive a new mileage, which is often even 100,000 kilometers shorter than the one at the time of purchase. Though those who "refresh" the mileage can go to jail, the profits made justify, for many "samsars", the risks. According to, every year tricked customers pay extra 45 million euros on artificially "rejuvenated" cars. In addition to financial damages, the fooled ones also have some other surprises. Many SH cars with good prices actually hide the high wear and tear of the engine and other vital and extremely expensive components. To avoid such situations, you can browse the car history online, but you can never be 100% sure that when you buy the car from an unidentified one, it has actual mileage and if it was not involved in an accident appears in papers. - full history and 12 months warranty

All of these issues do not mean you have to abandon any hope in buying a car that is convenient for quality and paid price. There are also trusted options that offer the right price guarantee. For example, at you will always buy a car from the first owner (LeasePlan), with all the jobs recorded in the service history available for free on the site. In addition, the cars offered did not run for more than 5 years, most of them having the age of 3 or 4 years. Do not forget, in this context, what is the age of the most so called “cheap” SH cars: over 15 years! But perhaps the most important thing is that you get CarNext warranty for the purchased car and, rarely on the second-hand market, you get the money back if you're not happy with it, after you try it for up to 14 days within 200 kilometers. There are many aspects that make the difference between a owner pleased with his second-hand car and one who regrets the investment made. Many of the important details can be found only after a rigorous inspection in good faith. The following components are tested and inspected at clutch and gearbox, braking system, exhaust system, air conditioning, liquids, possible oil leakage and operation of all indicators / on-board controls. In addition, future owners receive full service history and a 12-month warranty for the engine and gearbox.

Is the price the best indicator of a successful acquisition?

In the meanwhile, cars imported from abroad by private individuals have lower prices than car dealers. They are therefore often preferred by "good business" enthusiasts, although they do not always have all the documents or information up to date, such as service history. In many such cases, the risk of a cheap car running down your budget is very high. Many private sellers offer no guarantee, no reputation for defense, nor do they answer for the defects discovered after you bought the car from them. By balancing the risks with the benefits of buying a car, it becomes clear that if you do not know very lucky, in which case you just got a cheap and good second-hand car, it's good to turn to professionals. You will see that service visits are rarer than you would have expected, and your car goes smoothly with the MOT inspection. In the end, driving is about traveling safely with your family, not about unscheduled stops at the auto.sition workshop?

What are the most popular SH cars?

There is no secret that the Volkswagen models are the most sought-after cars by the Romanian drivers, with the German manufacturer being among the favorites in the case of imported new cars (together with the Skoda brand). At, representative models such as Golf, Jetta and Polo are available, with real mileage between 40 and 120 thousand kilometers. Other sought-after brands are BMW, Ford and Dacia. All models have been tested according to branded standards and have a 12-month warranty on the engine and gearbox.

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