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Want to get a free Nissan Leaf for 36 months?

August 12, 2019

What if, starting this year...

It's an exercise of imagination worth doing. Because LeasePlan Romania helps you open new ways for your business! Details here.[ro only]

Check out our offers for some of the most used models!

We know your thought is now at the grand prize. But we also know that you are curious to see what other cars we have prepared for you and your company, right here.[ro only] The promotional offer is valid for any new vehicle (with delivery in 2019) available on the Romanian market!

Experience the next level of mobility with Nissan Leaf!

Beautiful, super smart and ready to show you the future! Choose now our operational leasing solutions and get 1 year of free CASCO, guaranteed, for every 11th car! Moreover, you can enjoy the new Nissan Leaf for 36 months, all costs included! See our promotion here. [ro only]

Check out the promotion rules and regulations here. [ro only]

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