Company cars - options depending on the role played in the company

For large companies, the purchase of incorrectly selected models may raise operating costs to unsustainable levels.

June 20, 2019

For many smaller businesses, purchasing company cars may seem right. But for large companies with hundreds of employees who are entitled to a service car, the purchase and maintenance of an extended fleet can raise operating costs to unsustainable levels. Also, choosing unsuitable models can generate competitive disadvantage. For both categories, however, operational leasing offers concrete benefits. Here are the most important ones.

The latest technologies and models available immediately for employees

The pace of adoption of new technologies by car manufacturers has increased lately. Electrification, advanced stand-alone driving and internet connection transforms a new car into a morally out-dated vehicle in just a few years. It would not be to the advantage of the company's image as the marketing director to get to a meeting with a major customer with a "dinosaur" car, overtaken by new technologies. Let's think about what's happening on mobile phones. What employee would like to receive from the company a model 4 years ago? A similar evolution takes place in the automotive field as well. Do not risk giving a new employee a model that will stir smiles among competitors and customers. With the help of operational leasing, you can offer the latest technology to the most desirable models, without risking an uncontrolled increase in costs. Operational leasing allows you to pay virtually a monthly subscription, and employees will always drive modern models that will impress customers, business partners and, most importantly, employees who might be thinking about changing their jobs.

The company car suitable for every employee

LeasePlan offers a wide range of models from global automotive manufacturers. International expertise allows us to anticipate trends in Romania and to prepare for the future needs of the most demanding employees. And you do not have to worry about costs - we are negotiating large volumes, which allows us to offer better conditions in terms of Total Cost of Use. Additionally, we provide advice on choosing the most suitable models for each employee category in the company. You can choose the right models for sales agents, executive and management levels and pay a single fixed and predictable monthly rate. You do not have to use more suppliers, LeasePlan does it for you.

Comparative analyzes on different fields of activity and hierarchical levels

Investments in company cars vary from one category to another, as well as between different fields of activity. The fact that LeasePlan manages more than 13,000 vehicles allows us to perform comparative analyzes of the value of the investment. Download the report that interests you here.

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