March 21, 2021

The days are starting to get warmer and longer, which means it’s almost spring! To keep you driving safely on the road regular vehicle maintenance and having the right tyres is important and the end of winter is a perfect time to look at this. We’ve prepared a spring maintenance checklist to ensure your vehicle is safe and ready for your warmer weather trips. 

1. Tyres

Check both your tyre's tread and air pressure. During cooler weather tyres lose air much more easily and can be underinflated. Tyres that aren’t inflated properly have less grip, which can be dangerous in wet weather. Tread is also extremely important during wet weather. If your tyre tread is worn down then it’s time to replace your tyres. Summer tyres - If you have winter tyres on your vehicle remember to make your appointment in time, to avoid long waits. We recommend scheduling your change to summer tyres in April or May,  at the latest. Once the temperature is above 7 degrees it becomes dangerous to continue to use winter tyres as they have less grip on the road.

2. Exterior

Give your vehicle a good wash, especially if it’s snowed in your area. Salt and brine used to melt snow can build up on you vehicle’s exterior. Don’t forget to clean the bottom of your vehicle too!

3. Battery

The cold can really take a toll on your vehicle’s battery so checks before winter and after are necessary to avoid a dead battery. If your headlights seem dinner than normal this can be a clear sign that your battery isn’t working properly and needs to be replaced. 

4. Fluids

Your vehicle’s fluids should be checked every few months and tying the check to the change in seasons is an easy reminder.  Check and refill if needed the following fluids:

  • Windscreen
  • Oil
  • Brake
  • Engine coolant

5. Windscreen wipers

First, clean your windscreen then check your wipers. If your windscreen wipers are making noise or leaving streaks when you use them then it’s time to schedule an appointment to have them replaced. Spring is a good time to check them as winter snow and ice can wear the blades down. Not replacing your windscreen wipers on time can spread cracks or chips and make repairs more costly.

Not planning on taking many trips this spring? With lockdowns still ongoing it’s important to prepare your vehicle for longer periods of unuse. Read our tips on how to keep your vehicle in good shape during lockdown.

If you drive a LeasePlan vehicle then you can schedule any repairs, maintenance or tyre appointments easily via My LeasePlan .