Used Car Lease

Simple, convenient and risk-free  

Is the car you want outside your price range? With the used cars operational leasing, not anymore! Now you can have the car you want without going over budget.

Used. And as good as new!

Used. And as good as new!

As it manages thousands of vehicles, LeasePlan always manages to get the best used cars. These are cars that have always been with us. They may have a bit of natural wear and tear - but they are proof of surprises!

As a world leader in operational leasing, LeasePlan has thousands of cars under its supervision from their very first kilometre. So it can offer you:

With all the convenience of operational leasing!

With all the convenience of operational leasing!

But the best thing of all is that with LeasePlan, you can have them along with all the advantages of operational leasing.

You only pay a fixed monthly fee and don't need to worry about anything else: maintenance, insurance, taxes, replacement vehicles, roadside assistance or tyres. Everything is included!

Learn more about how private lease works.

The main advantages of used cars operational leasing:

  1. Competitive pricing

    Get a better car for a lower price!

  2. Contract duration

    To suit your needs, get shorter terms, between 12 and 24 months.

  3. Services included

    All operational leasing services are included in the monthly rent.

  4. Immediate delivery

    Don't waste your time. The vehicles are ready to drive!

  5. More flexible early termination

    Special terms for just 20% of the value of the rents falling due.

There are used cars. And then there are LeasePlan used cars.

Find out the offers we’ve got for you!

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