which best suits your fleet?

Mobility is changing. New requirements and regulations established in the market have led to car manufacturers investing in alternative propulsion solutions, particularly through electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids.

To support fleet managers in adopting more sustainable vehicles, LeasePlan has developed the study "Propulsion: which best suits your fleet?”

To conclude the most efficient options in each case, LeasePlan performed an analysis of the different engines - combustion and electric - by segment and by mileage.

Electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles: what are the differences?

The 100% electric vehicles are exclusively powered by electricity, which recharges the batteries that feed the engine. That is, the vehicle is driven while the batteries are charged; when they are discharged, stops and needs to be refueled.

Unlike 100% electric vehicles, the plug-in hybrids have two engines: one powered by electricity and the other by fuel. You can, for example, start your journey with the electric motor; when the batteries that feed it go uncharged - which usually happens after 35-50 kilometers - the fuel motor will go into action.

Is it worth choosing more sustainable vehicles?

What is the ideal propulsion for you?

When designing your company's strategic objectives for fleet management, keep in mind the segment in which it operates and the average annual mileage. This is the only way to realize the most advantageous engine for your case.

Want to know more about electric vehicles and the most advantageous engines for your car segment?

We have prepared a study on this matter for you.

We have prepared a study on this matter for you.

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