Private lease benefits

Renting is the mobility solution for you. You get all the benefits of having a new car without the disadvantages of buying it. With a LeasePlan leasing service is not only more fast and economic as is also a peace of mind throughout the contract period. Why would you buy a car and have all the management work if by a fixed monthly fee LeasePlan takes care of everything for you?

LeasePlan service gives you many economic, operational and convenience benefits:

  1. Accessibility

    You can immediately drive a brand-new car without a large initial financial effort.

  2. Simplicity

    A fixed monthly fee and a single invoice that includes all the costs of your car usage.

  3. Risk reduction

    Car lease service contract does not assume any risk related to car ownership. Maintenance, tyres, insurance or replacement vehicle costs are all of LeasePlan’s responsibility.

  4. Less worries, more free time

    When you do a leasing contract, your only concern is to choose the car, define the contract duration that suits your needs and the mileage that you expect to drive. LeasePlan takes care of all operations related to the car costs management (from purchase to resale at the end of the contract). No worries, enjoy your free time.

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