LeasePlan partners with Miio

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LeasePlan and Miio have established a partnership that will make electric mobility simpler and more accessible, with more advantages for EV users in Portugal.
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Miio is an application that allows the user, when charging his EV on public roads, to view the final price and compare it with tariffs from other CEMEs (Electricity Dealers for Electric Mobility). Through the application it is possible to know, with precision, and based on the station, time of day and vehicle, how much the user will pay for this charge, and without using any card.

Through this partnership between LeasePlan and miio, a total of 200 euros in balance is offered for charging at any public road post to users who sign a lease agreement with LeasePlan, through miio.

This partnership with miio is of further benefit to our customers who drive electric vehicles. As the Car-as-a-Service market leader, sustainability is part of our strategy, one of the main pillars of this strategy being customer awareness of the electrical transition. Measures to stimulate the market and boost the transition to electric mobility in Portugal also include initiatives of this type that result in new, simple and accessible solutions and services for EV users.

Ricardo SilvaLeasePlan's Commecial Director
Published at March 10, 2022
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March 10, 2022
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