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LeasePlan and Arrival Partner to Bring Revolutionary Electric Vans to European Cities

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The partnership is established based on an initial order for 3,000 vans, with the sales agreement expected to be finalized in the 3rd quarter of 2021.
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LeasePlan and Arrival (NASDAQ: ARVL), the global technology company that creates electric commercial vehicles (eLCV) with its unique technologies, announced that LeasePlan will be the preferred renting partner for Arrival electric vans. The partnership is established based on an initial order for 3,000 vans, with the sales agreement expected to be finalized in the 3rd quarter of 2021.

The demand for online shopping is soaring, but this demand has to be met responsibly, and concerns about pollution caused by delivery vehicles must be addressed. I am excited to partner with Arrival, which will enable LeasePlan deliver some of the greenest, cleanest and truly innovative light commercial vehicles (eVCL) to our customers. Together we will revolutionize the fast growing eVCL market and make zero emissions deliveries part of the New Normal.

Tex GunningCEO of LeasePlan

LeasePlan is not only the world's largest Car-as-a-Service company, but has also demonstrated a long-term commitment to reducing its carbon footprint by being one of the founding members of the EV100 - really putting sustainability on the map very before it was popular. Arrival is excited to partner with a company that leads the "acceleration" to the transition to zero-emission vehicles, bringing sustainable mobility and cleaner air to cities around the world. from Arrival is truly revolutionary and can be deployed in multiple locations quickly. With this new partnership, Arrival will be able to deepen and expand its presence globally, working with LeasePlan to bring the best possible products to its customers and in turn, help them achieve their own sustainability goals.

Avinash RugooburPresident of Arrival

Arrival accelerates the massive adoption of EV on a global scale, producing affordable commercial vehicles with a substantially lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This is made possible by Arrival's unique new design and production method in rapidly scalable Microfactories that utilizes the company's in-house technologies including materials, software, hardware and robotics.

LeasePlan has a global fleet of approximately 1.9 million vehicles and is one of the world's leading providers of delivery vans as a service - almost 1 in 4 LeasePlan vehicles is a VCL (Light Commercial Vehicle). LeasePlan's ambition is to achieve zero net emissions from its financed fleet by 2030.

Published at July 15, 2021
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July 15, 2021
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