Uber announces investment to accelerate sustainable mobility in Portugal in partnership with Nissan and LeasePlan

With the objective of accelerating sustainable mobility in Portugal, the initiative will allow partner drivers to purchase more affordable electric vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf, through Nissan leasing and LeasePlan renting solutions, with all services included and also the offer of a free 1,700-minute package at the charging stations of the Portuguese startup Power Dot.

May 17, 2021

This partnership reinforces LeasePlan's commitment to reducing emissions in cities. Over the past few months we have been developing several partnerships in this regard, and the partnership with one of the largest mobility companies in the world, which has objectives similar to those of LeasePlan, will allow us to put more electric cars on the road, improving quality of air in cities.

António Oliveira MartinsLeasePlan's General Manager

To reinforce the commitment to the transition to sustainable mobility and as a way to support partners in switching to VZE, Uber will offer an incentive package of up to 850 euros in the exchange of fossil combustion vehicles for VZE. In 2020, Uber announced a global commitment to become a zero-emissions mobility platform by 2040, in 10,000 cities and six continents, with 100% of trips to be made through Zero Emission Vehicles (VZE), public transport and micromobility. Uber has also pledged that by 2030 trips will be 100% electric through VZE in the U.S., Canada and European cities. European markets are leading the way in electrifying the ride-sharing industry. By 2025, 50% of the total kilometers traveled on the Uber platform in seven European capitals (Lisbon, Amsterdam, Berlin, Brussels, London, Madrid and Paris) will be carried out in VZE.

Since July 2020, Uber has only accepted that new vehicles are electric in the largest cities in the country, such as the metropolitan areas of Lisbon and Porto, and the districts of Braga and Faro. Uber Green is currently available in the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Coimbra, Braga and Aveiro. This option offers passengers 100% electric travel, a service that has the same price as an UberX.

We are very excited about this joint initiative with Nissan and LeasePlan. We know that the path to achieve the goal of 100% sustainable mobility is a long one and that it is only possible to do it together through partnerships like this. We pride ourselves on being among the reference brands in the sector that has done the most to achieve this goal, setting ambitious but necessary goals

Manuel PinaUber's General Manager in Portugal

Como líder na mobilidade elétrica, a Nissan pretende com esta parceria acelerar o processo rumo a uma mobilidade mais sustentável, para melhorar a vida das pessoas em Portugal. O Nissan LEAF é o automóvel de zero emissões mais vendido de sempre no mercado português, com mais de 5.500 unidades em circulação, e é o automóvel perfeito para o transporte de pessoas nas cidades, graças ao seu enorme espaço interior, conforto e tecnologias de segurança e de apoio à condução, como sejam o e-Pedal e ProPILOT e a sua incrível autonomia até 525km no ciclo urbano.

António MelicaNissan Portugal General Manager