LeasePlan partners with Land Life Company

LeasePlan Corporation N.V., a global leader inCar-as-a-Service, has signed an agreement at the Global Climate ActionSummit in San Francisco with Land Life Company, a leading naturerestoration venture, to help LeasePlan customers make their trips carbonneutral.

September 17, 2018

Under the partnership, LeasePlan customers will be able tooffset their fleet emissions through Land Life Company’s innovative reforestation programme. Land Life Company is a leader in thesustainable and technology-driven reforestation of degraded land in theEU and US.

Cutting emissions will not be enough to keep global warming incheck. Greenhouse gases must also be scrubbed from the air. Bypartnering with Land Life Company, we can offer our customers theopportunity to make every one of their trips carbon neutral.Collectively, we have a carbon debt that needs to be repaid and, with1.8 million vehicles on the road, we can make a big and positive impactto the climate change challenge.”

Tex GunningLeasePlan CEO

Land Life Company’s CEO, Jurriaan Ruys, said: “Through reforestation, we have an opportunity to take CO2 out of the air and rebuild the planet, addressing two of the world’smost significant challenges – climate change and land degradation – atthe same time. In addition, the partnership we have announced today willenable us to drive investment directly into the communities and ecosystems that need it most, creating impact you can see and touch.LeasePlan is setting the bar for sustainability in its industryand we're excited to be their partner."

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