FlexiPlan: LeasePlan's short-term mobility solution, with new advantages

LeasePlan has just renewed FlexiPlan, the mobility solution for shorter terms and with all services included. Available to companies and individuals, FlexiPlan now has new advantages. Forrentals over 9 months, customers benefit from Fair, Wear and Tear Insurance,which covers any damages that require repair at the end of the contract. Still in this same modality, customers can return the car, if their plans change, without paying more for it.

February 20, 2018

Pedro Pessoa, CommercialDirector of LeasePlan Portugal explains: "FlexiPlan was initiallylaunched under a different name during the years of financial crisis as aresponse to mobility needs for shorter periods and to the period ofuncertainty that companies lived at the time. Thesuccess of this solution among our customers has resulted in theproduct being evolved and improved, and now we would like to make itmore flexible, with the possibility of returning the vehicle free ofcharge if the plans or the duration of our clients' projects change. "

In a scenario ofever-changing mobility, FlexiPlan confirms LeasePlan's commitment todelivering what's next in mobility and any anytime, anywhere, servicefor its customers.

Pedro PessoaCommercial Director of LeasePlan Portugal

FlexiPlan emerges as the ideal solution for one-off projects, temporary employee relocations or occasional team reinforcements. Witha varied rang of vehicles and total flexibility in the duration of thecontract, this solution includes a set of services to facilitate theLeasePlan Customer experience, such as Preventive and CorrectiveMaintenance, Travel Insurance and Assistance, Claims Management andIntervention Scheduling, Replacement Car, Unlimited Replacement of Tires, among many others.

FlexiPlan isavailable in two modalities, depending on the degree of commitment: Rentalfrom 1 day to 9 months, an exclusive offer for Operational Leasing LeasePlanCustomers, with unlimited kilometers and values adjusted to the rentalperiod; Rental from 9 to 24 months, with mileageas required, possibility of returning the vehicle after the first 3months of contract, Fair, Wear and Tear Insurance that protects againsteventual damages at the end of the contract and Total Warranty Coveragethat covers situations of negligent use of the vehicle.

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