Play and Win

with the LeasePlan Portugal mobile app

In addition to user-friendly service, appointments, travel assistance and other services, the LeasePlan app also makes it easy to win prizes.

Download it at the App Store or Google Play Store, install the app and register (only available in PT).

Play and Win

is easy



Start the game and complete a row of three. For every game won, the player gets five points.  For every game lost, the player loses five points. Nothing happens in the event of a tie.


Earning points

You can earn points by using the app services: Registering for the app + updating km = 2,500 points; Filing an accident claim = 2,000 points; Scheduling maintenance (check-up) = 2,000 points; Scheduling a car return = 2,000 points; Travel assistance = 2,000 points.


Converting points into prizes

After using the app services and winning at tic-tac-toe, you can redeem points earned for a prize. You must earn 5,000 points to redeem your prize (a € 20 voucher for Pingo Doce stores).

Regulation Mobile App LeasePlan Portugal

Terms and Conditions **1. General Conditions** These Terms and Conditions apply to all Participants in the “LeasePlan App Also Offers Prizes” campaign, valid from January 7th and limited to existing stock of promotional codes (250 prizes). With the LeasePlan app, you can start winning even before you drive off! **2. Participants** LeasePlan Portugal - Com. e Aluguer de Automóveis e Equip., Unip., Lda. – (hereinafter the “Sponsor”), with its registered office at Lagoas Park, Edifício 6, 2740-244 Porto Salvo, taxpayer ID 502167610, the company sponsoring the campaign. • Grupo 014 - 014 Media Portugal, Lda. – (hereinafter the “Manager”), with its registered office at Rua Pinheiro Chagas, n.º 69, R/C Direito, 1050-176 Lisbon, taxpayer ID 510078664, the company managing the campaign. • User – the individual meeting the campaign eligibility requirements determined by the Sponsor. **3. Campaign Description** The “LeasePlan App Also Offers Prizes” is an initiative sponsored by the brand through the official LeasePlan Portugal app. Its purpose is to reward drivers who use the app’s features. Users need 5,000 points to redeem their prize: a € 20 voucher for Pingo Doce stores. Points: Registering for the app + updating km = +2,500 points Filing an accident claim = +2,000 points Scheduling maintenance (check-up) = +2,000 points Scheduling a car return = +2,000 points Travel assistance = +2,000 points Tic-tac-toe (win) = +5 points Tic-tac-toe (loss) = -5 points You can win a prize while enjoying the convenient features of the LeasePlan Portugal app! **4. Campaign Details** Users must meet the following requirements to win a campaign prize: • Be a LeasePlan driver, and have access to the LeasePlan Portugal app. Access the app, log in and enter the following data: name, email, telephone number, licence plate. After meeting the above requirements, the Sponsor will contact the User by email within 10 working days with a promotional code convertible into a € 20.00 (twenty euros) voucher for purchases at Pingo Doce. The redemption code will be valid for 30 (thirty) days following receipt by the Sponsor. **5. Conditions for Participation** By participating, the User agrees to these Terms and Conditions. Participation is only valid when all of the following conditions are met: • Only drivers residing in Portugal aged 18 and over can participate. • Each driver in the campaign may participate only once. • Users must access and update their data in the LeasePlan app. • The Manager reserves the right to exclude any individual in breach of these Terms and Conditions – or who participates fraudulently per the Manager’s criteria/perception – from the campaign, and eliminate their participation. • The Manager’s employees, workers, affiliates and group companies are prohibited from participating. • This campaign cannot be combined with other existing campaigns of the Sponsor. **6. Prize** The prize entitles the beneficiary to receive a Pingo Doce e-voucher in the amount of € 20.00. The Pingo Doce e-voucher in the amount of € 20.00 (twenty euros) entitles the beneficiary to an offer of € 20.00 (twenty euros) which can be used at Pingo Doce supermarkets, BemEstar parapharmacies and Code and Spot stores. It cannot be redeemed at Prio Pingo Doce gas stations, Sítio do Costume restaurants or at Pingo Doce & Go. The offer must be used before the date specified in the selected evoucher after the sending of the email from Any inability to receive the prize or failure to accept it shall not entitle Users to compensation of any other kind. Prizes are personal and non-transferable, have no monetary value and cannot be sold, gifted, donated, transferred, exchanged, replaced, returned or redeemed for cash. Prizes cannot be combined with any other promotional offer from partners, except for those specifically identified. The Manager will send all prizes automatically to Users via the email address Once the prizes have been sent, beneficiaries may not reject, return, modify or cancel them. All additional costs incurred by beneficiaries in using the prizes, except for those specified in the prize description, will be charged directly to beneficiaries by partners/suppliers. Travel expenses to redeem prizes are not included. Due to reasons of force majeure, partners and/or prizes may be subject to change during the campaign, without entitlement to reimbursement or compensation of any kind to Users. In its capacity as Manager of the campaign, Grupo 014 shall not be held liable for any issues involving the organization, execution, production, supply or provision of services by partners. However, the Manager will make all appropriate efforts needed to satisfy the legitimate interests of those involved. **7. Responsibility for Use and Rights** The User shall be responsible for the use of the LeasePlan Portugal app, and shall release the Sponsor and Manager from any liability for any computer errors which might prohibit or delay participation. The Sponsor and Manager shall not be held liable for any responsibilities that may arise from the relationships between partners providing the prizes and Users. The Sponsor and Manager shall not be held liable for any loss or misappropriation of prizes, or anything resulting from the enjoyment or use of prizes by Users or other persons making use of such prizes. **8. Privacy Policy** The Sponsor shall be responsible for processing the data requested in the LeasePlan Portugal app to provide the agreed services and, in conjunction with the Manager (in the capacity of subcontractor pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation), will process this data for the purposes of managing the respective prize(s). The Manager will retain processed data for a maximum of 24 (twenty-four) months. The provision and computer processing of personal data is mandatory, and necessary for the management of the campaign. Any failure to provide personal data will be considered incomplete participation, resulting in exclusion. LeasePlan guarantees secure and confidential processing, and that data holders will have all desired rights provided for by the General Data Protection Regulation, when notified via the link with the same name in the footer of LeasePlan Portugal’s website. Data holders are also entitled to lodge complaints with the competent supervisory authority (in Portugal, the Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados [National Data Protection Commission]). **9. Unlawful Acts** The Sponsor shall exclude and report unlawful participation, namely: a) Use of another person's identity and/or personal data, and/or creation and use of fake emails or Facebook accounts. b) Fraudulent use of codes in the platform and/or e-vouchers with the respective campaign partners. Users in breach of these rules may be prohibited from participating in campaigns for a variable time period, and will be subject to legal penalties concerning personality rights and corresponding civil and criminal liability. Data obtained through the campaign platform may, by order of the competent judicial authority, be disclosed for the purposes of determining civil and criminal liability. **10. Final Considerations** The Sponsor reserves the right to change the dates of this campaign’s duration for reasons of force majeure out of its control. The Sponsor reserves the right to offer a different prize from that initially specified, of comparable value, when forced to do so due to circumstances beyond its control. The Sponsor reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, without prior notice, by publishing new ones in the campaign app, valid as of the date of publication. Any omissions to these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by the Sponsor, in keeping with its original intent. Any decisions of the Sponsor shall not be subject to appeal. To clarify any questions, Users can contact the campaign Manager via post at the address in (2) above, via email at [ ]( )or by telephone at +351 21 194 07 04, weekdays (except Lisbon holidays and all national holidays) from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.