Peugeot e-208

peugeot 208e
The new normal
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    Smart & sporty

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    High-tech small EV

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    Range of up to 450km


Snappy charging

Instead of trying to impress with out-of-the-box design like many carmakers going electric for the first time, Peugeot is taking another approach. With an impressive range of up to 450km (depending on weather and road conditions), the e-208 is also one of the fastest charging small electric cars on the market.

Plugging in at a Fast Charge station will get you from 30->236 km range in 28 minutes. When you plug in at home, your battery will be ready to rock after 8 hours.


Familiar and fun

For anyone who has owned or driven in the iconic Peugeot 205, this new e-208 will feel instantly familiar in terms of design. The compact, sporty lines of the 205 which originally came out in 1983, have been evolved and new design elements have been added, such as the Fang-like front lights which give the car a modern, confident look.

Driving this car is fun and stress-free. The e-208 is nimble going around corners, and the typical small Peugeot steering wheel gives it an extra sporty feel especially when you’re zooming around town.


Technology galore

The interior has a smart blend of contrasting materials and colours that feel modern and fresh without being too in your face. The high-tech dashboard centers around a 7-inch touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Mirrorlink integrated as standard across the range. With snazzy 3D graphics in the infotainment system, multiple USB charging sockets in the front and back, as well as wireless phone charging, technology lovers will be happy in the e-208.

Sporty and comprehensively high-tech

The Peugeot e-208 is a sporty and comprehensively high-tech small electric car that feels fun and youthful in a way that few rivals do. The 450km range is impressive for a car of this size and for city drivers especially, this will be more than enough to get you where you need to go.

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