Fully electric all-wheel drive


Trailblazing electric mobility

The BMWiX doesn't just look stunning--it’s bursting with innovations and fresh ideas for a connected mobile lifestyle and holistic sustainability. Conceived from the outset for purely electric mobility, everything about the BMWiX was designed with eco-friendly, efficient thinking in mind. Manufactured at a plant running on 100% renewable energy, sustainability begins before the BMWiX even hits the road. The electric drive train is free from any rare earth elements and the little cobalt needed is acquired under controlled and fair conditions. What’s more, it’s also made from a substantial amount of recycled materials and renewable natural products. The BMW iX epitomizes progressive luxury. If you’re ready to take action for a better tomorrow, don’t just be the change you want to see in the world — drive it.


Progressive, feel-good ambience

Embodying a fresh new take on the Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV) concept, the pioneering character of the BMW iX shines through, inside and out. Clearly defined, muscular proportions and precisely crafted details create an aura of progressive luxury in the BMW iX’s exterior design, while the body structure, design principle and chassis are perfectly geared to blending superb ride comfort with sporty handling characteristics. The interior is all about the quality of life and personal well-being. A spacious cabin sets the tone for a luxurious ambience and the new generation of the iDrive display and operating system make interactions between driver and vehicle feel more like a natural dialogue.


New electric driving pleasure

The iX doesn't just guarantee typical BMW driving dynamics—rather, it’s a feeling of confident gliding that's created by the spontaneous, elegant power delivery of its two electric motors and a smooth ride and handling. The technology behind it takes this car in a strikingly new efficiency direction, affirming that, it is, indeed, the ultimate electric driving machine. Go from zero to a hundred kilometres in under five seconds and reach more than 600 kilometres of electric driving range — sweetly, and safely, since the iX also comes equipped with the most extensive set of standard driver assistance systems ever seen on a BMW. For example, the front collision warning system detects anything coming your way — be it oncoming traffic, cyclists or pedestrians. Now if only it would warn you when that annoying colleague was approaching...

BMW iX specifications

Battery Capacity: 111.5 kWh
Charging speed (DC): 35 min @200 kW = 10 - 80%
Charging speed (AC): 11h @ 11 kW = 0 -100%
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h: 6.1
Top Speed: 200 km/h (electrically limited)
Range WLTP: 372-425 km
Body: Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV)
Doors/Seats: 5/5
Drive type: Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

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