Mandatory Periodic Inspection

The inspection which has your safety in mind

The mandatory periodic inspection (IPO) is a legal requirement which serves to regularly verify the condition of your car and ensure that it is safe to drive.

Car inspection must be carried out by the day of the vehicle registration date and it may be undertaken in the 3 months preceding said day:

  • Light passenger vehicles: Subject to IPO, 4 years after the date of the 1st registration, then every 2 years until totalling 8 years and afterwards every year;
  • Light goods vehicles: Subject to IPO, 2 years after the date of the 1st registration and then every year.

    It is important to carry out mandatory inspection within the timeframe indicated. If you fail to do so, or if you drive the vehicle without the valid mandatory inspection if it fails to pass the latter, you are subject to payment of an administrative fine. You should also always have the inspection record with you in the car.

What is checked in the inspection?

Various characteristics and technical attributes are verified in the inspection, which allow the good condition of the car to be checked. Besides the correct identification of the vehicle, using the registration and engine and chassis numbers, the following elements are verified: 



Tyre wear


Braking system

Loss of fluids

Chassis and bodywork


At last, the inspection result!

All the failings identified are indicated as:

  • Type 1minor failing which does not seriously affect the operating conditions of the car
  • Type 2serious failing which seriously affects the operating conditions of the car or the safety conditions directly
  • Type 3very serious failing which results in the immobilisation of the car or travel to the repair site

This verification results in approval or failure (with or without immobilisation) of the vehicle inspection by IMT - the Mobility and Transport Institute.

    Don't worry!

    LeasePlan will warn you three months in advance by e-mail about the deadline so that you don't forget to submit the car to vehicle inspection. And the payment amount is included in the monthly rent of your operational leasing agreement.

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