Management tools

Your fleet always under control.

With the support of a specialist management team, LeasePlan monitors the behaviour of your fleet and gives you the tools to make it easier to manage.

Manage your fleet with My Fleet

You can view this app in your computer or tablet and monitor your fleet in detail, at anytime and anywhere.

  • Find default reports
  • Build custom reports and views
  • Find Lease Accounting/IFRS-16 report
  • Access Consultancy themes – studies, white papers, benchmark, good practices, etc.
  • Analyse trends and plan for the future

No access to My Fleet yet? Request access here or talk to your Account Manager.

LeasePlan Telematics

Using a device installed in each car, LeasePlan Telematics gathers, analyses and sends your vehicle activity data to your PC or smartphone.

Besides encouraging better driving, LeasePlan Telematics allows your fleet to be managed more simply and professionally. With clear, detailed metrics and reports, it gives you access to various indicators. And allows you to identify where improvements are needed.

Results for your business:

  • Greater productivity
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Lower insurance costs
  • Greater safety for your drivers
  • Reduced environmental impact

Fleet management, behaviour and development report

Contains detailed information, including:

  • Accident Report
  • Executive Report
  • Service Levels Report

Based on this information, LeasePlan helps you to analyse and interpret the management indicators, and to draw up strategies that meet your objectives.

To find out more, talk to your Account Manager.