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Arrow downAt the end of the contract, will I have to pay for any damage to the car, if there is any?

As a rule, the special offers of LeasePlan already include reconditioning for the sum of € 500 + VAT. In other words, an insurance policy that protects you, upon contract termination, from any costs associated with damage to the car up to a maximum amount of € 500 + VAT. For example, if damage is identified for the sum of € 800, the cost shall be the difference for the sum of € 185. In other words, € 800 in damages - € 615 on protection under the reconditioning insurance (€ 500 + VAT) = €185.

If you have any queries about the condition of the car, before returning it you may ask for a pre-inspection for an additional cost. This means that an inspection shall be carried out on the car and the damage shall be identified, if there is any. So, you’ll know what to expect when you return the car.

You also have the option, when signing the operational leasing service, of increasing the reconditioning insurance cover to be more worry-free at the end of the contract.

If you have not taken out the reconditioning insurance, LeasePlan's policy exempts the customer from any cost in the case of damage estimated at less than € 250. If this amount is exceeded, it shall be liable for the whole cost estimated and not only for the amount that exceeds the € 250 pay-out. For example, when returning the car, if the report refers to damage valued at € 400, the customer must pay the whole €400 and not only the €150 difference.

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