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Glamourous, sophisticated and genuinely distinctive, the Maserati is a sheer joy to see and a dream to drive. Its beautiful Italian design and impressive performance ensure you’re in a class all your own. For those who want everyday usability combined with exotic indulgence, a Maserati is the ultimate statement.


Maserati — ultra-luxury performance with timeless Italian style

The Maserati brand was forged by five brothers, who began by building racing cars in the early 1920s. The first to bear the ‘Maserati’ name was the Tipo 26, completed in 1926. Soon after, Maseratis were regularly winning races all over Europe. In 1939 and 1940, the Maserati 8CTF won the Indianapolis 500—the first Italian marque to do so. In 1947, another first—a Maserati destined for daily use rather than racing debuted. More than four decades later, in 1993, the brand shocked fans by joining forces with its rival, Ferrari. Today, Maserati continues to innovate, with timeless Italian style. The company launched the Maserati of SUVs, Levante, in 2016, and the restyled GranTurismo and GranCabrio a year later.

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