What is car lease?

Car lease, also known as Operational Leasing, is a mobility solution that allows you to benefit from the full usage of the chosen car through the payment of a fixed monthly amount. You don’t need to worry about maintenance costs.

You are not the car owner but at the end of the contract you can chose to either buy the car you drove by the market value or make a new lease with a brand-new model. To avoid unexpected costs, you should pay attention to the car return time at the end of the contract. A responsible car usage is expected.

The monthly price is calculated based on your choices. You can choose the car you want to drive (make & model, colour, …), the services you want to include, the contract duration and the mileage you expect to do. Car lease service use fixed interest rates, thus allowing you a superior predictability of the costs.

The following services can be included in the monthly price:



Our standard car insurance is the most extensive in the market. You can include civil liability, risk retention (own damage), legal assistance, driver’s insurance, among others.



Regular maintenance, indicated by the manufacturer, and all unforeseen repairs, resulting from car breakdown or wear, are included.



Unlimited tire replacement according to normal wear and tear whenever safety conditions demand.


Tax payment

Tax payment (IUC / IPO) and car legal documentation are included.


Replacement car

You can benefit from the replacement car in events such as accidents, repairs and breakdowns.


Roadside assistance

We offer roadside assistance, such as breakdown or other technical problems, always available under request both nationally and internationally.


Accidents & damages

Permanent support in case of accident or damage. We take care of process opening, expert report and all process follow-up.


Customise delivery

We guarantee personalized assistance in the car delivery.


24h Support contact

Available 24/7 if you need any help with your car in Portugal (800 20 42 98) or abroad (+351 21 370 31 23).


Negotiation and financing

Negotiation, purchase, and financing of your new car.


Regular checks

All scheduled revisions are included, as well as materials and equipment used.

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