Car lease benefits for companies

We want to keep your business on the go. We study ways to help you ranging from online tools to complete sustainability programs.

Car lease service gives you many economic and operational benefits so you can reach a correct balance on your fleet management:

  1. Cost reduction

    LeasePlan has a strong purchase and management ability that allow to benefit from scale economies that are reflected in their clients’ contracts.

  2. Liquidity

    Car lease permits free up capital to cover other costs or more profitable investments, thereby allowing better debt and profitability ratios for the companies’ assets.

  3. Budget plan

    Car lease fixed monthly price allows you to plan your budget based on fixed expenses and to reduce the risk of unforeseen events.

  4. Risk reduction

    Car lease service contract does not assume any risk related to car ownership. Maintenance, tires, insurance or replacement vehicle costs are of LeasePlan’s responsibility.

  5. Employee satisfaction

    A complete service that provides freedom and flexibility to your employees who will always drive the latest and safest vehicles.

  6. Environmental sustainability

    Environmental friendly solutions that help to reduce air and noise pollution and CO2 emissions. LeasePlan can guide you on how to reduce the emissions of your fleet.

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