How does business lease work?

LeasePlan gives you freedom

Start driving your company’s next car, without any worries. Find the right model, choose the number of kilometres you plan on doing, define the contract duration and enjoy the convenience of an operational leasing for a fair price.

Find out how easy LeasePlan operational leasing can be!

Find out how it works and order your car now, easily and quickly:

  1. Choose the car, the mileage and the contract duration

    Find the ideal car (s) for your company from our vast selection of models: the choice is yours in just a few clicks! And choose the terms of the contract: LeasePlan contracts are flexible and the perfect combination for your business. Just define the contract duration and the number of kilometres you plan on doing according to the needs of your company.

    It's really straightforward:

    • Ask us for a proposal online through one of the special offers or configure a car to suit you. Contact us on 800 10 70 70 (from Monday to Thursday, 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. to 5.30 p.m., and on Fridays until 5 p.m.) and we will be more than happy to help you with your request.
    • Once we have received your request, our team will get in touch with you on the phone or e-mail provided. We shall then send a full proposal for your appreciation.
    • When you decide to go ahead, you’ll have to send us the documents required for a financial evaluation whose aim is to verify the company’s capacity to meet its commitment to LeasePlan. This decision shall be notified within 48 hours.
    • After approval, we shall send an e-mail (within 48 hours) with all the contractual documentation for its validation and signing.
    • When you return the duly signed documents, we will go ahead with the order for your car (s). If you opt for one of the special offers, depending on the offer chosen (make and model), the delivery forecast shall be 15 business days and this date may be brought forward or put back. If you prefer, you can configure a car to suit you.
    • As soon as the car is available for delivery, we will be in touch to schedule the date and place of delivery in line with your availability.
    • Start driving with no worries throughout the contract.
  2. Keep your business moving throughout the contract

    No unexpected costs or excessive paperwork, LeasePlan operational leasing gives you peace of mind throughout the agreement and also helps you maintain the financial availability to meet other needs of your company. Find out all the advantages of operational leasing for business.

    We're always by your side. You can count on the personalised assistance of a LeasePlan manager dedicated to your company and with the driver support line available 24h a day.

    During the operational leasing contract, you must:

    • Make payment of the monthly rent and ensure the proper usage and maintenance of the car (s). What’s more you will also need to: – Check the tyre pressure and their general condition; – Check the oil and water levels; – Transport the car (s) to any preventive maintenance (in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions) or corrective maintenance (unforeseen repairs resulting from car wear and tear or breakdowns) where necessary; – Notify LeasePlan about any incident that affects the proper upkeep of the car(s).
    • Where justified, take the car (s) for a MOT - Mandatory Periodic Service. You must make the booking directly at one of the inspection centers approved by LeasePlan. You can consult the list of approved inspection centers in the Oficina Fácil LeasePlan or on 800 20 42 98. The car inspection must be carried out by the registration date and it may be carried out in the 3 months preceding said day.

      There is the option, at any time, of altering the duration, the number of kilometres initially contracted and the inclusion of additional services, with the attendant correction of the monthly fee amount.

      For example, if it is observed that the kilometres already traveled do not conform to those contracted initially, get in touch with your LeasePlan manager and make the necessary adjustments to your contract. It is preferable, and recommended, to alter the terms of the contract to avoid any costs or penalties at the end of the contract.

  3. When the contract finishes, we want you to stay with us.

    You have the flexibility to choose what you want to do at the end of the contract. You will have the following options:

    • Option of signing a new operational leasing contract, returning the (car (s) to LeasePlan at the end of the contract;
    • Extending the duration of your present contract;
    • Requesting the purchase of the car from LeasePlan. Three months before the end of the contract LeasePlan will inform you of the amount for which you may acquire the car you have driven.

      When you return the car (s), scheduled in advance, a report shall be drawn up about the general condition of the car and a Returns Form shall be signed by both parties confirming the handing over of the following elements: – Keys (main and spare) – Road tax document – Service history – Instructions’ manual

      The aforementioned report shall be drafted in line with the Reconditioning Manual for LeasePlan commercial and passenger vehicles which documents, with text and photos, the scope of the damages regarded as acceptable, distinguishing them from those whose repair costs is quantified as they have an impact on the devaluation of the car (s).

      Usually LeasePlan operational leasing includes reconditioning insurance, protection intended to cover our customers, at the end of the contract, as regards any costs associated with damages to be found in the car (s) for the sum of € 500 + VAT. If you are in doubt about the condition of the car, you may, before you return it, ask for a pre-inspection with an additional cost. This means that an inspection shall be carried out of the car and the damage shall be identified, if there is any. So you’ll know what to expect when you return the car.

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