Road assistance

Accident, breakdown or other technical problems on the road?

However careful you are when driving, roadside incidents happen. Whether it's an accident or a mechanical breakdown, you can count on 24-hour road assistance to help you!


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Road assistance is intended to ensure aid to the driver and the passengers in the event of an accident or car breakdown during a journey, wherever this may occur, even if far from your area of residence.

If the car is immobilised, or if any breakdown warning light is activated, and the car instruction manual recommends immobilisation, road assistance is covered and available whenever requested:

• 24 hours a day • Nationally and internationally • From Km 0 • Car towing support • Transport of driver, passengers and baggage • Includes breakdown assistance • Repatriation of occupants • Replacement vehicle, when contracted

How do I ask for road assistance?

If you need to trigger road assistance, you should get in touch with LeasePlan on the driver helpline 800 20 42 98 (cost-free call) in Portugal, or on 351 21 440 09 10 (national fixed-line network cost call) abroad, to obtain the help you need in convenient, simple and speedy fashion! You should not request the service directly from a car tow service provider, LeasePlan will take care of everything for you.

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What should I do if I need road assistance?

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