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You’ll always be guaranteed a replacement car.

It is important to use a replacement vehicle in the event of repairs and breakdowns (corrective maintenance), services (preventive maintenance), incident, theft or robbery, provided that the workshop where it is located declares that it is impossible to use the car /. A service that allows your mobility to be maintained whilst your car is immobilised.

As regards the duration of use of the replacement car, this can be defined when you hire the service and:

• It may be limited or unlimited;

• It may be by year or by occurrence;

• When the defined duration ends, the amount pertaining to usage shall start being charged as this shall be regarded as a non-contracted service.

Usually, and regardless of whether an unlimited number of days has been contracted, the maximum limit shall always be the intervention timeframe indicated by the workshop. When the intervention is deemed to have been resolved, you must duly return the replacement car.

For example, if you opt for one of our special campaign offers, as a rule, this means that you can use the replacement car available for the immobilization time, in case of overhaul, breakdown, accident or theft, with insurance contracted by LeasePlan.

With LeasePlan operational leasing, the replacement car is provided in line with the service contracted and the following levels:


    Pick up and return of car at the rent-a-car branch.


    Handover and collection of the car at the workshop.

    In this case, after returning the car you need to inform LeasePlan, on the driver helpline, that the car is available for collection at the workshop. Failure to meet this condition shall entail additional costs which shall be billed later.

Take care!

Whenever a replacement car is delivered to a workshop and no check is carried out, in conjunction with the supplier, of the fuel level and any possible damage to the car, the customer is responsible for any costs deriving from the use of this service.

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What should I do if I need a replacement car?

Am I entitled to a replacement car whilst my car is being repaired? Where necessary, we can provide a replacement car whilst yours is being repaired. Check your operational leasing agreement or car regime as regards the cover and any exceptions. Can I use my fuel card for my replacement car? If the present [fuel card](targetSelf:/en-pt/benefits-of-leasing/services/fuel-galp/) is not associated with any registration plate, it is also valid for your replacement car. If you drive an electric car, in addition to the charge card, you will also receive an extra card to use with other fuels. What happens during the application process? 1. Make the booking preferably through the platforms [Oficina Fácil](targetBlank: or [App LeasePlan](targetBlank:; 2. Contact LeasePlan to supply a replacement car, if contracted; 3. Go to the workshop; 4. If applicable, make sure that the MOT inspection is recorded in the inspection book.What should I do if I need a repair? 1. Make the appointment by contacting LeasePlan through 800 20 42 98 (cost-free call). If the driver is out of the country, contact LeasePlan through +351 211 446 88 94 (national fixed-line network cost call) to request information about the most indicated partner for the necessary intervention; 2. Contact LeasePlan to supply the replacement car, if contracted; 3. Go to the workshop. What should I do in case of an accident? 1. Always fill in the Friendly Declaration of Car Accident; 2. In the event of immobilisation, contact the LeasePlan Driver Support Line on 800 20 42 98 (cost-free call) in Portugal, or +351 21 370 31 23 (national fixed-line network cost call) abroad, for [road assistance](targetSelf:/en-pt/benefits-of-leasing/services/road-assistance/) and replacement vehicle, if contracted; 3. Send the statement to the e-mail; 4. Send the original to the following address: LeasePlan Portugal Lagoas Park, Edifício 6, 2740-244 Porto Salvo.

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