Automotive market in disruption

There are no cars for delivery. Find out why!

The market is faced with a shortage of new cars. Order deliveries are successively postponed and often with price changes.

To understand this crisis and its consequences, we need to go back to 2019 and the beginning of the pandemic. The health crisis dictated the closure of factories and the consequent fall in production. Then, a succession of events, which we explain below, ended up bringing us to the crisis we are experiencing today.

No player, whether brands, manufacturers or fleet managers, will be able to solve this crisis alone. It is possible to apply some mitigation measures and try to gather the conditions for the situation to return to normal, which will never happen before 2024.

Faced with these and other questions, LeasePlan has prepared a quarterly bulletin to inform, clarify and thus help dispel some clouds that hang over the horizon for all of us.

These are the topics that you can find in the 1st edition of this bulletin, on the Automotive Market.

Learn about the measures that LeasePlan suggests to mitigate this crisis

LeasePlan recommends, to decision makers and fleet managers, the evaluation of measures, some more tactical, others more structuring, with the aim of responding to existing constraints, and among which we highlight some possibilities.

This information is updated periodically and may we consulted at any time.

Download the documents to learn more!

#11 DRIVE Magazine

We dedicated the 11th edition of Drive Magazine to the theme of disruption in the automotive market, where we explain more details about this crisis.

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