Car insurance

Do you give much thought to choosing the best car insurance?

Car insurance differs from other types of insurance in a number of ways. Car insurance is mandatory and is linked to a single object with a public registration number.

70% of our customers have chosen to insure their cars through LeasePlan.As a car management company with our own insurers we can guarantee simplified procedures, better control and, not least, lower premiums. How?

  • We operate more efficiently that traditional insurance companies partly because we also manage the cars we insure.
  • We make car insurance a natural part of running a vehicle fleet. The premium is accrued and forms part of the monthly vehicle invoice together with other running costs.
  • We have extensive experience of loss prevention. For larger vehicle fleets we analyse the contributory causes and propose measures to prevent losses.
  • Drivers are given just one point of contact to relate to for the car in question, for enquiries concerning both daily running and insurance.
  • As an insurance customer you will be at the front of the queue with our partner workshops, and you will have access to pre-negotiated, favourable hourly rates. We also have excellent replacement vehicle agreements.
  • The insurance premium is fixed and independent of make of car, model and annual mileage.
  • Submit accident reports electronically by downloading the LeasePlan app.
  • Access simple and clear cost reports via our web tool.

We are not that concerned about your past insurance history, but together we can put together a good deal for you.