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It is important to choose a leasing partner you can trust. Someone who can help you make the right choices so you get a simple and hassle-free car management. The car is important for many, so you need a partner who understands your needs. LeasePlan has long experience and skilled advisors who help you with this.

By choosing leasing at LeasePlan

Leasing is a smart choice when you want a new car. It is important to know what you get included in the agreement so that you compare the right items. At LeasePlan you get, for example; always included guaranteed service and maintenance, plus we have clear routines and guidelines for normal / abnormal wear when returning the car.

How does leasing work?

Why lease from LeasePlan?

There are many reasons to choose to lease a car from LeasePlan rather than to buy or lease from a dealer. 

  • Predictability of monthly costs
  • Competitive prices
  • Guaranteed service and maintenance included
  • You can get the car you want since we are brand neutral
  • Clear and easy-to-read contracts
  • Order service for you and the car when it's time
  • Nationwide service network
  • Customer service that helps with all car related issues
  • Own road assistance telephone 24h
  • Clear return procedures describing normal / abnormal wear
  • Updated on the latest technologies and solutions
  • As far as possible, you can pick up the car locally

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Since we are brand neutral, we always offer several exciting brands and models.


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