SMS services

    SMS Services

    Try our SMS services - receive alerts and information via SMS. Send the message to 09245

Overview of our SMS services

Below you will find a glossary of all SMS code words to 09245

  1. Check time for PKK

    LP PKK <regnr>

  2. Start PKK alert

    LP START PKK <regnr>

  3. Stop PKK alert

    LP STOPP PKK <regnr>

  4. Check time for SERVICE

    LP SERVICE <regnr>

  5. Start SERVICE alert

    LP START SERVICE <regnr>

  6. Stop SERVICE alert

    LP STOPP SERVICE <regnr>

  7. Questions about damage/accidents

    SKADE <regnr> <free text>

  8. Questions about fuel cards

    KORT <regnr> <free text>

  9. Block all fuel cards (linked to car 24h/7)

    LP SPERRE KORT <regnr>

  10. Contact information


  11. Glossary of all code words