Return your car

When the leasing contract is approaching the end, it's time to prepare the car for the return process. Follow the tips below to make the process as worry-free as possible.

    Please let us know when the car has been returned

    You can easily do this by filling in the form "Report return of car" here!

    NB! This only applies to Business Lease. If you have a private lease agreement, please see the requirements further down on this page.


Are you a business or a private lease customer?

Return routines are different for business and private lease customers. Below you will find an overview of what is expected of you as a customer when returning your leased car.

Business Lease

    Preparing for return
    Three ways to return your car

    1. Return directly to LeasePlan's Car Centre (CarNext) You can always return the car directly to LeasePlan's Car Centre at CarNext, Exporama-Senteret, Kragerudveien 80, Hellerudsletta, 2013 Skjetten (between 08:00 and 16:00). Phone: +47 45 39 99 25.

    2. Return within Oslo The car can be collected from either the workplace or from the car dealer from where the car was delivered.

    3. Return outside Oslo If the car is to be returned outside of Oslo, it must be returned to the location specified in the notification letter, or in the same town it was collected when it was new.

    Read more details in frequently asked questions

    Final inspection to check your car’s condition

    After you return your car, an independent party will perform a final inspection. A few scuffs and scratches are just a part of daily use. But for more serious damage, there may be an additional charge.

    View our wear and tear guidelines to avoid unpleasant surprises later.

    Notify LeasePlan when the vehicle is returned 

    You are responsible of informing LeasePlan when the leasing vehicle is returned. You can easily do this by filling in the form "Report return of car" here!

    LeasePlan will then ensure that the vehicle is transported back to LeasePlan´s Car Centre.

Private Lease

    To-do list before returning

    NB! Equipment not returned with the car must be in LeasePlan’s possession within five days after returning the car to avoid any charges.

    Appraisal and return with NAF

    In good time before the car is to be returned, an appointment is to be made with NAF or LeasePlan´s Car Centre for both appraisal and return. A list of the centres you can choose among, and contact information for each centre, can be found below. The appraisal is made according to set standards described in our return policy, enclosed with the leasing contract. You can also find these guidelines a little further down this page.

    The following information must be provided when making an appointment:

    Note! If you choose option 2, you lose the right to lodge a complaint later about the outcome of the appraisal.

    LeasePlan pays for the appraisal. You only receive a receipt that the car has been returned, regardless of which option you choose. The normal time spent on appraisals is 2 hours.

Return sites for private lease customers

LeasePlan's Car Centre

What happens when you return your car? Watch a video of all the stages that a returned leased car passes through before it is ready for sale (video is in Norwegian).