Ever-new payment methods

New payments methods for parking areas around the country are constantly turning up.

It is important that you, in your capacity as a driver, become acquainted with the payment instructions which apply wherever you are, at all times. If parking is not included in your monthly costs, and you fail to comply with the payment instructions which apply where you park, you will be invoiced for a fee - by both LeasePlan and the parking company.

Fuel card payments The fuel cards issued by LeasePlan do not have chips and consequently they cannot be used in parking meters which require such card payments.

EasyPark payments If your employer agrees, LeasePlan can link your EasyPark app to our contract. Parking costs will then be invoiced to LeasePlan. The only thing you need to do is to fill out the webform "Apps & Users" under the page "I need" in the menu.

Cameras Today large parks are usually equipped with automatic number-plate recognition and invoices will be sent to the registered owner of the car in question. It is important that you read the payment instructions in the car park in order to avoid being invoiced for the fee by the parking company.

Residents parking If you have a lease car from LeasePlan you will need us to provide you with confirmation so that you can apply for a residents parking permit. Further information about residents parking can be found on the website of the Oslo Municipal Council.

Please fill in the form for submitting enquiries about confirmation.

Tom parkeringsplass