Delivery time

If you depend on a car in your daily work, would like a fixed monthly price or have special model and equipment requirements, you should order a car as soon as possible. To enable us to deliver the right car at the right time, we recommend that we start the ordering process together as early as 3–4 months before the desired delivery date.

When booking a new company car, you should check beforehand the company's policy regarding particular makes of car and models.
Of course, you can call LeasePlan and your account team and ask about which procedures apply to your company.

Your lease car, your taxes

Curious how your new car will impact your taxes?

Curious how your new car will impact your taxes?

Calculate your company car tax

Ordering process

What vehicle model would you consider? * If you have not decided on the make of car or don't know which cars you can choose between, you can contact your account coordinator at LeasePlan who will provide you with the necessary guidance and advice.

  • Feel free to take a test drive at the car dealer's.
  • Contact your account coordinator at LeasePlan, who will prepare a quotation that will take into account your employer's car policy. The quotation contains both operational and financing elements during the leasing period, based on an estimated mileage.
  • Once you have agreed, an authorised person at your company may sign the quotation. The signed quotation functions as an order document for the car in question.
  • You should submit the signed quotation via e-mail or regular post to your account coordinator at LeasePlan. The car will then be ordered at your dealer of choice.

Delivery of a new car

The car user and dealer will agree on the most appropriate location to deliver the car. Cars are usually delivered at the dealer's premises. If you have an old car that is leased from LeasePlan and is due to be returned, it may be returned to the dealer it was collected from. In such cases, return transport costs to LeasePlan will be charged to the customer. Upon delivery of a new car, the car user will also receive fuel card. The service card will be sent to the user after LeasePlan has been notified by the dealer that the car has been delivered.