New lease car

Is it soon time to return your lease vehicle, and you are looking for a good replacement?

Time of delivery

If you are dependent on having a car, would like a fixed monthly price or have special model and equipment requirements, you should order your car as soon as possible. To enable us to deliver the right car at the right time, we recommend that we start the ordering process as early as 3–4 months before your desired delivery date.

When booking a new company car, you should check beforehand the company's policy regarding particular makes and models.

Of course you can call LeasePlan and your customer team and ask about which procedures apply to your company.

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Find your new lease car in our showroom

You do not need to spend a lot of time travelling from one dealer to the next in order to find a car which will suit your requirements or those of your company. You can do this quickly with some few clicks.
If you are a private customer, or a corporate customer with 1-4 vehicles without a master lease agreement, we would recommend that you click to gain access to our showroom! Our showroom is being constantly updated with the most popular vehicles on the market, and you can change the annual mileage to suit your requirements and see what equipment we recommend, along with our standard equipment.
If you would like an unconditional offer, you can simply fill in a contact form and one of our sales personnel will contact you.

Can’t you find the car you are looking for? Click on the button below and fill in the form entitled “Send us an e-mail”, and we will put our heads together to find the optimal lease car for you.

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Tax calculator for company cars

    Are you curious about how your company car will affect your tax?

    Use LeasePlan’s tax calculator and see how high your income will be with a company car, as well as your monthly tax bill.

The ordering process


Delivery of your new lease car

The driver and dealer arrange the delivery date for lease cars. Upon delivery of a new car, the car user will also receive a fuel card. The service card will be sent to the driver after LeasePlan has been notified by the dealer that the car has been delivered.