Fuel & charging

Here you can order a new fuel card or a charging e-tag, and also get guidance about charging electric cars both at home and while travelling


Fuel card and fuel cost refunds

If fuel is included in your monthly costs there should be a fuel card in your car when you take delivery of it from the dealer. This fuel card should be used to pay for fuel, and can also be used for “keep driving” products such as windscreen wash and windscreen wipers. You can also use it for paying to have your car washed.

Click on the button below and fill in the form if you...

  • Want an extra fuel card (to be clarified if necessary with your employer)
  • Have forgotten your pin code   (If you have a Circle K card, you will need to order a new pin code. If you have a fuel card which has been issued by another supplier, a replacement card with a new code will need to be  issued.)
  • Need to cancel your fuel card
  • Have paid for fuel for your company car from your own pocket and want a refund
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Fuel SMS service: send codeword to 09245

  1. Instantly block all fuel cards related to vehicle

    Codeword: LP SPERRE KORT <License Plate Number>

Electric vehicles

Ensure optimal solutions at home and while travelling

Electric cars require planning, insight, time and capacity. If you have electric cars in your car pool, there are a few things you need to know.


EV home charger

If you need a home charger, this can be ordered from LeasePlan. If you have a company car, this will require the approval of your employer. It is up to the individual employer as to whether or not the cost and installation of a charging point will be covered by the company or the private individual.

For our corporate customers we are able to offer a solution which involves both a refund and no refund of your power costs. The power which is used for charging a company car at home is normally included on the driver’s electricity bill. If the driver wants a refund for the electricity costs which apply to charging a company car, this needs to be clarified with his/her employer and a separate “refund chip” will need to be ordered from LeasePlan. The supplier of the home charger will then refund the driver and send an invoice to LeasePlan, who will in turn invoice the leasing customer (employer).

Enova support for purchasing chargers Due to the zero emissions target, Enova also provides support for chargers for companies which have purchased and taken delivery of an electric van with Enova support. You will need to send in a copy of the invoice in order to show proof of purchase of the charger. Such invoices cannot be more than 12 months old, and must be dated after 27 August 2019. You can read more about the climate discounts provided by Enova when purchasing an electric van or charger here.

Please contact LeasePlan if you have any questions or would like help with ordering a charging station.

Charging e-tag

Unfortunately, there is not one universal charging e-tag that goes to all charging stations. As an electric driver, you often have several charging e-tags available. LeasePlan has agreements with various operators, and is happy to help our customers order e-tags. In this way, the charging cost will be invoiced LeasePlan, and then charged the relevant vehicle. 

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LeasePlan in EV100

LeasePlan is a key partner in EV100, a large global transport initiative set up by the UN’s Climate Panel. This initiative works to accelerate the transition to, and improve the infrastructure of, electric vehicles. The group consists of important international companies, and encourages global business commitments in respect of electric transport. It is important to involve and challenge businesses, since as much as two thirds of all new vehicle are owned by companies. At LeasePlan it is our goal for all our company cars to run on electricity by 2021.

Read more about EV100 here

LeasePlan recommends: free guideline on charging problems

Our guidelines entitled “Faultfinding re. electric car charging problems” is part of a research project supported by the Research Council of Norway, the Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association and the NVE (the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate), etc. These guidelines provide answers about a number of charging problems and are aimed at both the man in the street and professionals. If you are not familiar with electricity terms, we would recommend that you start with the attachment on the last page entitled “Comparing the power network with water supplies”. (TU Elektrisk, https://www.tu.no/)

You´ll find the guideline here

LeasePlan recommends: the electric vehicle podcast!

Check out NAF’s (the Norwegian Automobile Federation’s) own podcast about electric vehicles. Every 14 days NAF invites guests into the studio to provide answers about everything you need to know about electric vehicles.

Read more about the podcast here

Download a good app if you are going on holiday with your electric car

There are several different types of charging stations and suppliers out there, and charging costs can vary somewhat. A rapid charger can take everything from a one-off payment to x number of kroner per minute. It is important in this respect to think twice and select the most cost-effective station. The charging voltages provided by the various stations also vary, and you need to include these when calculating how long it will take to charge up your batteries.

It is important to plan...

  • When you will need to re-charge.
  • Where to find the best place to charge. What is the highest voltage and how much will charging cost.
  • Will there be any vacant slots when I arrive at a charging station.

    There are a number of apps which provide excellent details about charging stations. This would be particularly useful if you are going to be driving abroad. You should register your payment information before you depart, so that you do not have to do this on your trip. If you drive a Tesla, your car or Tesla’s own app will provide you with information about the charging network.

Obtain access to LeasePlan Charging If you have a charging e-tag from Plugsurfing you can download the "LeasePlan Charging" app on your phone in order to obtain information about relevant charging stations in the vicinity.

Please fill in the form to order a Plugsurfing e-tag, and/or to obtain a user ID and password for the app. NB! Please be aware that you cannot log in using the same user ID and password as the one you use for the LeasePlan app.

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