Quick and simple claims management

We are now able to make the claim process even easier for our customers in the Oslo region by obtaining quotes from several workshops without first having to obtain an assessment from the workshop (unfortunately this does not apply to extensive damage).

The information you provide is important for ensuring that the workshops concerned can obtain a real idea of the extent of the damage. We have therefore created a photo template that you will need to use in order to submit good photos to us. We will then be able to obtain quotes from our contractual partners and select the best on the basis of price and other practical conditions. In this way we make good use of any available workshop capacity and ensure that any spare parts can be ordered in advance. This will ensure that your vehicle spends as little time as possible at the workshop.

This is what you need to do...

1) Report the damage If no other cars were involved in the accident, you can send an e-mail to our Insurance Department, specifying your registration number and the date, time and location of the accident, as well as a brief description of what happened. You can also submit claims online by using the LeasePlan app.

If other vehicles were involved, you will need to fill in a European Claim and preferably a photo of the other car and its license plate number.

2) Send photos to our Insurance Department Please also provide your home or work address, so that we can find the most suitable workshop based on the location of your vehicle. We recommend taking too many photos rather than too few. Examples of photos can be found lower down on this page.

Photos required

1. Photos showing the whole car from the front and its license plate number 2. Photos showing the car’s mileage. Photos showing the extent of the damage 3. Photos showing the location of the accident 4. Photos of each dent, scratch or damaged part

Showing the whole car from the front and its license plate number
Showing the location of the accident