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These pages has been designed for you as a driver of a LeasePlan vehicle. Below you will find relevant and important information relating to the various phases of the leasing period.

We hope that you will be happy with your car!

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Roadside assistance

If you require roadside assistance, please call LeasePlan’s 24-hour help line on 810 33 666. If you are calling from abroad (Europe) please call +47 33 13 80 80. LeasePlan’s help line is manned 365 days a year.

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Fuel and charging

Do you need a new fuel card, a new pin code or want to cancel your fuel card?

Do you need a home charger or a charging e-tag, or do you require guidance about charging electric cars both at home and while travelling? By clicking on this page you can also download free guidance about charging problems, and you can also see which podcast LeasePlan recommends about electric cars.

Information about fuel and charging

Tolls and ferries

If toll charges are included in your leasing contract, we can help you to order an on-bord unit from the relevant toll company. Your car might be equipped with such an unit when you take delivery of it.

If you have a toll agreement with us, we can also provide you with an additional agreement with AutoPASS Ferry or a ferry card. If your ferry connection does not have an auto pass payment option, you will require a ferry card. Please click here to see which would be appropriate for you, and for information about prices.



Parking with automatic number plate recognition, fuel card, EasyPark, residents permit... there are many options and these might seem to be confusing. Lease Plan will provide confirmation for applications for residence parking permits, will tell you about what you should be aware of when choosing payment options and link our EasyPark app to your LeasePlan agreement, if that is OK for your employer...

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Washing your car

Washing your car is an important part of its maintenance. When washing it at a petrol station you can pay with your fuel card, if you have one. If you choose one of our contractual partners for washing your car, you can identify your car by showing your service card, and having the invoice made out to LeasePlan. Both payment alternatives require washes to be included in your monthly leasing costs, otherwise, an invoice fee will apply and the invoice will be forwarded to you in your capacity as the customer.

You can see the list of wash providers with whom LeasePlan has an agreement in the LeasePlan app or in My LeasePlan portal.

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Accidents and damages

Have you been unfortunate or been involved in an accident? Do you need to fill in a damage report form? You can do this easily, either through this web site, or through the LeasePlan app or My LeasePlan portal. You will find a list of our contractual workshops by clicking on the button below, along with tips relating to stone chips and information about ordering a Green Card.

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Tyres and tyre hotels

LeasePlan has agreements with a number of tyre suppliers and tyre-related services throughout the country. By logging into the LeasePlan app or My LeasePlan portal you will be able to see which suppliers we have agreements with. In your capacity as a LeasePlan customer you will have priority and be guaranteed a place at a tyre hotel operated by one of our contractual workshops.

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Service and EU control

LeasePlan helps you to book service and EU control! Please call LeasePlan when your car needs a service and we will book an appointment for you at a local workshop. Our nationwide service network will ensure that you receive priority and top quality. Please call us on +47 23 06 98 00 (enter 4) or fill in the booking form here.

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New lease car?

Is it soon time to return your lease vehicle, and are you looking for a good replacement? Due to the fact that delivery times may be long, it is a good idea to start the ordering process early. Please click to enter our showroom for companies with 1-4 cars without a master lease agreement, or for private individuals. Please contact us if you are unable to find the car you are looking for, or if you need any help or guidance.

Please click on the button below to gain access to the Tax Calculator for company cars, to see our ordering processes or for information about taking delivery of your new lease car.

New lease car?

Returning your lease car

We want to make the return process as easy and hassle-free as possible. Please click on the button below to obtain information about what you need to remember in advance, and where to deliver your car.

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