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Cards & E-tags

As a LeasePlan customer you can use this form to order fuel card, ferry card, toll e-tag and more for your car.

Service or EU control

As a LeasePlan customer, you can order service or EU (PKK) control of your car. Through LeasePlan's nationwide service network, you will receive priority and quality, and a number of other benefits.

Report damage - Single car accident, Fire or Theft from car

As a LeasePlan customer you can submit an electronic damage report for single car accident, fire or theft from car related damages.
For glass damages, the damage report this is filled out at the glass repair shop who then submits the damage report to LeasePlan.

For other types of accidents, please use the documents you can download below.

Report damage - Collision damage

In the event of accidents involving several parties (car / property / property, etc.), the European damage report should be completed jointly at the site of the accident. Please take pictures from the scene of the accident and the car(s) and send everything to us at forsikring@leaseplan.no

Download damage report

Report damage - Theft of vehicle

These damages should always be reported to the police near where the damage occurs. User/driver can report the accident as the person responsible for the car. LeasePlan needs to get a copy of the report to the police.

Download damage report

New lease car

Do you or your company already have an agreement with LeasePlan, and need a offer on a new lease car?
Please fill out the form and we will send you an offer that fit your needs and if you have one, your company's car policy.

Report return of car

Drivers of a company car are responsible for informing LeasePlan when the car is returned to the dealer. To do this, complete the following form.
Private customers need to return the car to the nearest NAF center and do not have to submit the form (read more by going to the "Return your car" page)

Rental car

As a LeasePlan customer can use this form to order a rental car. Only use this form if you need an extra car for a period of time, not for a replacement car for service or EU control (if so you can ask for it in the service booking above).

Refund of cash claim

If you, as a car user have personal expenses on a company car managed by LeasePlan, you can download a refund form, fill it out, scan it, take a photo of receipts and attach them in an email to leverandor.finans@leaseplan.no

Download form

Apps & users

By submitting this form, you can request access to apps or solutions related to a single car - Both for LeasePlan and partner solutions.

Register mileage for electric cars
For LeasePlan to offer best possible follow up and support during the lease period we need to know the mileage of your car. Unfortunately we do not have as many places to gather that with the electric cars. So we need your assistance in sharing this with us.